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IMEC Research Center makes its way to Florida in US

IMEC an international research institute decides to make its way to Florida in the US. Having its headquarters stationed in Leuven, Belgium, IMEC also has many locations all over the world such as Netherlands, Taiwan, China, India, Nepal and Japan. Per the Orlando Sentinel a primary newspaper that covers the vast Florida and Central Florida area has released that the IMEC institute has planned to open a research center in Florida’s Osceola County.

The opening of the Institute would create over hundreds of jobs in the area within a time span of 5 years. Partnering up with Florida’s Advanced Manufacturing Research Center to birth the sensor and nanotechnology research and design in the Center.

After long consideration of the IMEC administration, Bert Gyselinckx the standing Vice president and General Manager of the Imec site in Eindhoven, Netherlands had the final say on the end location of the Institute. Many customers and followers insisted on closer locations which makes Gyselinckx add, “We kept getting requests from American companies to become more locally active and do R&D work here” and insists the company,” had been looking at that for a number of years.”

Bert Gyselinckx is an essential attribute to the IMEC Company. Gyselinckx and his team have managed to develop various innovations such as brain monitors of diverse ingenuity, smart watches, health patches and Wi-Fi systems.  As well as being a great entrepreneur having helped many startups such as,” Life sense (Incontinence management), Bloom Technologies (pregnancy monitoring), Septentrio (satellite navigation). “Co inventing both consumer electronics and semiconductor companies to be some of his many accomplishments.


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