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Infineon Technologies: Leaders in Semiconductor Components

Infineon Technologies, a German-based manufacturer founded in April 1999, is involved in developing semiconductors and system solutions for both automotive and industrial electronics, chip card, and security applications. The company was spun off from its parent company Siemens AG, which is an international engineering and electronics conglomerate that specializes in activities ranging in industry, energy, transportation, and healthcare. Siemens, along with its subsidiaries, employ over 360,000 people across 190 countries, bringing in around 80.30 billion euros in annual revenue.

Infineon Technologies, as an independent publicly-traded company, employs 26,725 people around the world, with annual reported revenue of 3.843 billion euros. In 2006, Infineon split up again, with Infineon’s Memory Products division becoming an independent company known as Qimonda AG, with 13,500 employees. It has since become the second largest DRAM company in the world. Apart from this, Infineon Technologies still operates through subsidiaries in USA (Milpitas, California) as well as Singapore and Tokyo.

Its primary business divisions are Automotive, Industrial Power Control, Chip Card & Security, and Power Management and Multimarket, each catered to a different niche industry. Its automotive division offers products for engine and transmission control, comfort electronics, safety systems, microcontrollers, power semiconductors, and sensors. The industrial power control division offers power semiconductors and modules that are used for generation, transmission, and consumption of electrical energy. The power management and multimarket division provides parts and services for efficient power management or high-frequency applications. The chip card and security division provides micro controllers that are used in a number of applications, such as phone SIM card, payment cards and security chips.


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