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Intel Corporation Invests $1.5 Million in Tyndall Research Institute

Since 2009, Intel Corporation has invested in the Irish ICT research institute, Tyndall. Recently, Intel has committed to providing $1.5 million in additional funds over a 3-year period in order to expand the institute’s research capabilities. Intel already has other research firms in the United States working on semiconductor materials and other innovative machinery. Regardless of the research that those firms are providing, Tyndall can provide a different viewpoint and different methods of solving problems for Intel. Intel’s confidence in Tyndall generates from the quality of work the organization provides. From the display models to photonic applications, researchers such as Dr. Jim Freer and Brian Corbett are the foundation for the top class work that Tyndall is capable of. Bernie Capraro, a research manager at Intel Ireland has made a statement regarding the effectiveness of the programme. What assures both companies of the success in their research is the expected strong communication infrastructure, as researchers at Tyndall will work directly with Intel’s researchers in Portland, leaving little room for miscommunication.

Tyndall also has the privilege to boost that Intel reached out to the research institute and not the other way around.  Intel is transitioning to a focus on the Internet of Things and the extension of Moore’s Law. Challenges are sure to arise as Intel ventures into this new area, but Tyndall is confident in its own creative approaches and capabilities. Bernie Capraro, Research Manager of Silicon Technology at Intel Ireland, and Peter Smyth, Business Development Executive at Tyndall, will work together and continue to steer the partnership between the two firms for the next two years until 2018.

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