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Intel Preparing for Embedded Modules

On May 6th 2016, Richard Wilson released an article on Electronics Weekly talking about how Intel i3 processors will be scaling for embedded modules that are COM. Intel has created and designed the XMC module that will come with an envelope that is conduction cooled. This Conduction cooled envelope is appropriate for carriers that are considered either open standard or custom. This includes carriers such as VPX and VME.

Concurrent Technologies are made the latest and greatest COM processor module which is based off the Intel Core processor. This Intel Core processor is the Skylake-H which is considered a 6th generation processor.

The XP B5X/MSD will have a 64GB solid state disk. The solid state disk will provide storage for the operating system.

Here is what Glen Fawcett, the Concurrent Technologies CEO wrote about this topic.

Most of our products are based around the premise that the Intel processor board is the center of a solution that scales by adding more boards in a rack or slot type of environment.

This XP B5x/msd module turns that concept around, allowing customers with a signal processing board to add an Intel processor module for control, storage and display purposes. This makes it simple to create solutions for applications like image analysis and signals intelligence.

Concurrent Technologies works in many fields. Some of these fields include: energy and environment, secure information technology solutions, education and training, logistics information systems, advanced intelligence solutions, and advanced engineering and manufacturing.

Concurrent Technologies has won the award for World’s Most Ethical Company four times by Ethisphere Institute. The headquarters are located in United Kingdom.


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