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Intersil Launches Boost Regulators for Battery-Powered Portables

Intersil released an article discussing how the company is planning to introduce high current buck boost regulators for their battery powered portables. These buck boost regulators are considered to be ISL91127 and ISL91128. These new buck boost family devices had 4.5A switches which brings efficiency percentages up to 96 as well as having a compact footprint ideal for providing system power.

Here are some boost regulator specifications from Intersil. Output currents can go up to 3A in the boost setting mode. The input voltage ranges from 1.8 to 5.5V. Output voltage can be fixed at 3.3V or adjustable.

Buck boost regulators improve efficiency and provide longer battery life for hand held devices compared to a boost regulator bypass solution.

Here is what Andy Cowell, the senior vice president of Mobile Power Products at Intersil has to say about this. "Hand-held device designers are constantly challenged to create smaller, more efficient products whether it is the latest wearable, a portable medical device or next-generation smartphone. Intersil specializes in providing the most efficient power delivery with excellent transient response. Our latest buck-boost regulators leverage generations of experience in the most demanding mobile applications to provide customers with extended battery life in a compact, easy-to-use package."

In terms of pricing, the ISL91127IR is going to be priced at $1.29 in 1000 quantity amounts. The ISL91128 is going to be priced at $1.25 in 1000 quantity amounts.

Intersil is a top provider in the innovative power management and precision analog solutions industry. They are seen in mobile computer, automotive, aerospace parts.


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