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Iran Invites Boeing to Negotiate Airplane Purchase

The Iranians have invited the Boeing manufacture to negotiate a purchase contract on airplanes. The last time the US delivered any jets to the Islamic Republic was reported in 1970. The minister of the Iranian people has invited the company to a meeting regarding the negotiations on the airplanes to his region. So just last month the United States has approved and gave permission to the Boeing Company to do commercial discussions with Iran and giving them a license to do so.

The Iranians are very interested in buying Boeing 737 and are looking to purchase about 118 planes in total. The Iranians current aircraft date back to about 20 years of age and have not let the country leverage its geographical location for a few decades now which has some of the oldest global fleets. So, the country’s current goal is to upgrade their aviation and buy up to 500 passenger planes within the next 10 years to better their marketing fleet.

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July 19, 2016

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