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ITT Interconnect Solutions Working to Reduce Long-Lead Times

Get More About ITT Interconnect Solutions: ITT Interconnect Solutions has been reducing lead times for military-grade connectors by expanding its Quick Turn program with supplier PEI-Genesis, the world’s fastest assembler of precision connectors and power supplies.  PEI-Genesis who’s been a distribution partner of ITT for nearly sixty years, now has the ability to terminate separate wire terminations, allowing for the postponement of the ITT QPL to confirm PEI-Genesis as a manufacturing location for absolute association of military grade product.

The expanded Quick Turn program will make sure the association and delivery of ITT military-grade connectors within forty eight hours. They also completed the spin offs of its Defense and Information Solutions business and its Water Technology and Services business. With the spin offs comprehensive, ITT is now a two billion dollar company with four businesses that transport extremely engineered and modified products and services to the aerospace, industrial,  transportation, and oil and gas industries. In addition, ITT has also established a rugged, lightweight, no-profile intersect system designed precisely for wearable and portable military equipment used in modern warfare. The first interconnect system of its kind, the Nemesis Series Space Saver connector is a compact, lightweight solution that not only saves weight, but it also helps successfully shrink the overall size of transportable equipment. Contact ITT today for best quote online.


June 15, 2021
October 23, 2020

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