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KEMET releases new more innovative long-lasting polymer electrolytic capacitor

Kemet has discovered a way to be to increase the life of their electrolytic capacitors. Creating what is known to be the markets first COTs model polymer capacitor to withstand a rough environment such as weather and humidity. This newly improved component is said to have a maximum life of 1000- hour life test option.

Other tests have been running to be able to show the amount of humidity the component can withstand. As results of the practiced test KEMET professionals were able to determine that the capacitor may go up to 85C and intake about the same 85% humidity while still living its entire 1000 hr life span.

The capacitors are qualified under the MIL-STD-202 Method 103 standard which places these parts under rigorous testing.

One of the primary uses for these newly improved capacitors is typically for separation of circuit, dividing them into two DC/DC converters.

Along the new benefits, the capacitor has been equipped with a configuration of withholding 680 microfarads.
"Voltage ratings spam 2.5-63VDC and ESR specifications as low as 25m Ω are available."

One of the primary adjustments that were made while making this device was reducing the size for it to be more user friendly and reduce it’s the size that it would take up on application.

The KEMET corporation and its Senior Vice president and Chief Technology Officer, Dr. Phillip Lessner is proud to be able to bring a new type of component that is able to withstand harsher conditions for a better overall performance against other competing companies. " Exposing polymer electrolytic capacitors to humidity had been a challenge. We first introduced the T598 automotive grade KO-CAP in 2015; now we are excited to offer a COTS grade KO-CAP that passes the same extended life test."

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