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Keystone Electronics - Industry-Known Provider of Precision Electronic Interconnect Components

Amongst the Best who provides the Perfect: Keystones Electronics has been around for over sixty years and is a manufacturer of precision electronic interconnect components and hardware. They meet the standard customers requirements, but Keystone Electronics also designs and manufactures products to meet your custom needs.

Rich Inventory of Durable Products:

The product lines they currently carry consist of the following:
  • Battery clips, contacts & holders:
    • This line consists of coin/button cell, retainers & contacts, cylindrical cells, button & spring contacts, clips, contacts for molded cases, cylinder cell-contact for "off-board" mounting, cylindrical cell holders, aluminum & steel, cylindrical cell-holders, desipak, wire leads, and etc. They are used for multiple applications such as designed for memory back-up and stand-by applications. The coin/button cell is low profile for densely packed PCBs Retain cell securely. The coin/buttons withstands shock & vibration reliable dual spring contacts.
  • Fuse clips & holders:
    • This product line is used in the following applications delicate micro circuitry, consumer electronics, telecom and datacom devices, mini, standard & maxi blade automotive fuses, high shock and vibration applications, high amperage applications and UL approved devices.
  • Terminals & test points:
    • This product line consists of PC terminals, screw terminals, headers and test points that are used in the following applications: multi-insertion applications, replacement for pc screw edge connectors, blocks or strips, surface mount and thru-hole PCB designs, and UL approved services.
  • Spacers and standoffs:
    • This product line carries standoffs and spacers that are made out of different material that are used in the following applications: mechanical supports, component-to-board mounting requirements, board-to board PCB mounting, eliminate the cost and bulk of backplanes and card cages, PC/104 & PC/104 plus module mounting, high temperature conditions, commercial, military & industrial environments.
  • Panel Hardware:
    • The panel hardware line consists of handles, screws, knobs, plastic & metal and LED lens and mounting spacers. These products are used in the following applications: rack mounted equipment, carrying cases, low friction assemblies, D subminiature connector hardware, instrumentation panels and gauges, environments where mounting hardware is subject to loss, for protection from damage or debris, and to dress up chassis access panels, racks or controls.
  • Pins, Plugs, Jackets & Sockets:
    • This product line offers products such as binding posts, halogen lamp sockets, micro pins & jacks that are used in the following applications: audio circuitry, home theaters, electronic test equipment, telephone switchboards, high speed computer connections, telecommunication hook ups, and CATV equipment hook ups.
  • PC Boardware:
    • This product line carries products such as standard blank and cutout computer brackets, PCB support brackets, card edge ejectors, guides, and terminals that are used in the following applications: computer chassis assembly, electronic peripheral equipment, rack mounted equipment, printed circuit board mounting, printed circuit board supports, printed circuit board insertion and removal, and also to dress up chassis access panels.
  • Multi-Purpose Hardware:
    • This product line consists of products such as washers, whole plugs, grommets, bumpers, bushings, clamps, rivets, cable ties, and brackets. They are used in the following applications such as chassis mounts and holes, access panels, electrical insulation, mechanical damping, cable/fiber optic routing & securing, PC board and electronic assemblies.

Avail Keystone from Renowned Distributer:

ASAP Semiconductor, through its proprietary website ASAP Semi, is a leading distributor of all Keystones Electronics products. Please contact ASAP Semiconductor today at sales@asapsemi.com or 1-714-705-4780 and one of our knowledgeable sales representatives available will be ready to assist you.


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