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Kingbright Corporation and TTI inc. sign a Distribution Agreement for its LED products

Know More About Kingbright Corporation: Kingbright Corporation announced the signing of Distribution Agreement with TTI, Inc. for its Light Emitting Diode (LED) products. TTI, Inc. who is known as the world’s leading expert distributor, is known as favored distributors for many customers around the world. TTI, Inc. offers modified services with custom supply chain results to customers in industrial, military, aerospace and consumer electronics manufacturers. Kingbright Corporation also presented its second generation improved Mid-Power 0.5W LEDs – the AA3535 series. The new enhanced AA3535 series offers twenty five percent more optical output with enhanced presentation to excel your design.

Its small size three and a half millimeters by three and a half millimeters  with low profile of one and a half millimeter is designed for handheld and transportable devices. Inserted with zener diode, this package offers ESD fortification up to eight thousand V. It is available in full color spectrum and white in various color temperatures. In addition, as a manufacturer that has the most comprehensive broad line of LED coverage, Kingbright endures our core mission and offers customers with the best selection when it comes to their designs.

Kingbright introduced the new small top view bi-color chip-type SMD LED, APB3227 package. The 3227 package has industry standard SMD 1210 footprint, small in size and numerous output options. As each LED has four pins, each color can be controlled independently. While these are available in wide range of color arrangements and lens options, this package is ideal for front panel indicators, backlighting submissions and many more. Kingbright Corporation Distributor gives various options of your desired product  online with best quote.


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