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KOA Speer Electronics – Ensuring Optimum Performance and Smaller Integrated Packages

KOA was established by Kazuto Mukaiama in Tokyo to manufacture fixed resistors in 1940. Fifteen years later in 1955 they became an authorized manufacturer of JIS (Japanese Industrial Standards) parts. Finally in 1980, 40 years after being founded, KOA Speer Electronics, Inc. is established in the United States. Then in 1994 KOA obtained their quality control ISO 9002 certification and in 1996 they obtained their ISO 9001 certification. Tama Electric Co., LTD. was acquired by KOA Group in August 2001.

KOA produces a broad range of products from Resistors and capacitors to Inductors and EMI/EMC Filtering devices. Within the product line of EMI/EMC Filtering multilayer ferrite bead and multilayer power ferrite bead are offered. Their CZB multilayer ferrite bead features a nickel barrier with solder overcoat, standard EIA packages, and is magnetically shielded. Their CZP multilayer power ferrite beads also feature a nickel barrier with solder overcoat, standard EIA packages, and are magnetically shielded. A ferrite bead, also known as a ferrite choke, is made of ferrite material and is used to suppress or filter high frequency electromagnetic interference noise found in electronic circuits. Ferrite is a black semi-magnetic substance that consists of iron oxide and a mixture of other metals.

A product that was recently added to KOA’s catalog of parts is the LTCC Multilayer Substrate. LTCC stands for Low Temperature Co-fired Ceramics. The advantage is downsizing parts by forming surface resistors, inner resistors, and embedding transmission lines in the substrate. Additionally the thermal expansion coefficient is close to silicon’s thereby enhancing the reliability of bare chip mounting. By mounting the chip in the cavity a package with a lower profile is created. By implementing low dielectric-loss ceramics and low loss conductors the substrates high frequency characteristics are improved. The LTCC is best used on applications which operate at high frequencies like micro-waves and milli-waves.

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