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Latest Dual Input Buck Boost Charger Gets Released by ROHM

The twenty-first century has been one of the most technology advanced era to date. With new smart devices releasing simultaneously on the market it is difficult for the consumer to keep up with the latest products. Despite the difference of companies or different style of device, most of them share the same type of units used to build each of them. The same parts such as ICs and other common components are used to build the mobile devices in the industry.

ROHM, the renown Japanese electronic part manufacture, has released their dual input boost-buck charging IC for mobile devices. This type of IC is used for high end batteries and is able to back up from 1-4 battery cells that are used to recharge smart devices. A large industry that they are closely looking into ifs the wireless charging market. The dual input buck boost charger is also compatible with the USC Power Delivery (USBPD). ROHMs unique product differentiates itself by being able to use both USBPD and 5V inputs all in component.

“The BD99954GW/MUV generates a charging voltage from 2.56 to 19.2V for 1 to 4 cells through boost-buck control.”

One of the great qualities that the first every dual input charger has been a self-performing charging operation that has no use for an MCU. Despite uprising of the wireless charging not all the components are similar used to compose the gadgets. What is known as a boost function will have to be integrated into the unit to allow it to charge 2 cell (~8.4V) batteries) that would from standard 5V chargers.

The ROHM continues to grow their company in many parts of the world with the expansion of smart devices and other state of the art equipment.

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January 20, 2021
February 6, 2020

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