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Legrand Electrics LTD – Flip the Switch for Energy Savings

Legrand Electrics began as a porcelain workshop until Frederic Legrand purchased the workshop and entered into a partnership with Jean Mondot who manufactured switches. At the time porcelain with the best insulating material or electric switches. Since 1949, when Legrand made the decision to focus on electrical wiring devices like switches and sockets, the company has acquired 120 companies around the world.

In March 2014 Legrand signed an agreement to acquire Lastar, Inc. an Ohio based cabling and connectivity supplier. Brands that fall under the Lastar name are Quiktron and Cables to Go. Operations are based out of 70 countries serving 180 countries providing more than 150,000 product lines. In 2010 reported revenue equaled $537 billion. Legrand Electrics serves three industries which are residential products, commercial products, and industrial products. Legrand serves the world through their 8 brands which include Cablofil, NuVo, On-Q, Ortronics, Quicktron, Pass & Seymour, Wiremold, and Adorne. Last year, 2013, the Adorne brand earned an IDEA Bronze award. The International Design Excellence Awards recognized Adorne for its collection of light swtiches, dimmers, outlets, and wall plates. Seven new models were recognized. Distinguished products include the Touch Switch which utilizes touch screen technology to turn lights on and off. The Wave Switch which initiates lights by the wave of a hand. Lastly the SansaSwitch which is motion activated. October 2, 2014 Legrand was one of 11 manufactures to be recognized for their energy efficiency achievements. These manufactures met their goal to improve energy intensity, a measure of a facility’s energy use per unit of output, by 25 percent. Better Plants Partners have saved 18.5 million metric tons of carbon emissions to date. This equals annual emissions of approximately five coal-fired power plants. In total there are 163 companies that participate in the Better Plants Program. ASAP Semiconductor is a premiere supplier of Legrand electrics. Prospective customers can browse our extensive stock of both obsolete and current-production Legrand parts ranging from accessories to switches and more. Please feel free to contact our knowledgeable sales staff at sales@asapsemi.com for a quote.


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