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Littlefuse Launches Products for the Solar Market

Interested to Know About Littelfuse Inc. : Littelfuse Inc. the worldwide leader in circuit protection introduced two new products for protection of solar installations in November of last year. The two new fuses are SPFJ 70-1000 amp fuse and the SPFI in line fuse. The SPFJ 70-1000 amp fuses complete the SPFJ series of one thousand VDC fuses which are accepted to the new UL Photovoltaic fuse standard.

The SPFI in line fuse is a three and a half amp fuse that was intended for integration into solar cables for protection of solar strings connecting combiners boxes and panels. It is also intended to be molded into an electrical cable for one thousand VDC solar installations. The SPFI fuse is less than forty four millimeters long, ten point three millimeters round and has the same protecting and reliability features as the Littelfuse SPF and the KLKD SPFI string protection fuse.

In addition, they also introduced the 808 Series TE5 Fast Acting Subminiature Fuse last week on Tuesday. This 250VAC/450VDC-rated fuse is intended to shield components or internal circuits from overcurrent surroundings like DC power supplies. They are mainly shielding them from high voltage DC submissions. Some of the features of the 808 Series TE5 Fast Acting Subminiature Fuse are that it can operate in high temperatures ranging from negative sixty five degrees Celsius to one hundred and twenty five degrees Celsius, it can withstand high voltage situations in its very small and compact size and it is halogen free and lead free.


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