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Martel Electronics – World’s Preeminent Source for a Wide Range of Superior-Grade Electronics Products

About Martel Electronics and Its Product Range: Martel Electronics has been in business for over 49 years and today serves 1 million customers and 10,000 cities. It is an American trusted company that provides products for law enforcement, court products, military and dictation products. They were the first company to import the German real to reel tape recorder. They are currently located in Yorba Linda, California and today provide for quickly responding to customer demand and great customer service. They have customers in over 39 countries.

Martel Electronics offer recorders, transcribers, microphones, and government products. For the recorder line, Martel offers cassette dictation equipment, consumer digital recorders, pro digital dictation recorders, dictation accessories, conference/meeting recorders, dictation/transcription bundles. The transcriber product line consists of micro cassette transcribers and transcription kits. For the transcription product line, the line consists of tape transcribers, digital transcription kits, transcriber headsets, and transcriber foot pedals. For the dictation product line, the line consists of tape recorders, digital dictation recorders, combo recording packs, and conference microphones. For the law enforcement product line consists of the following: police in-car video, systems, digital-in-car video, DVD police in car video and low-cost police video. Some of the reasons why cops should have car cameras are because 93% of incidents where a complaint is filed against an officer with a police car video system, the officer is exonerated.

Known for Best Distributor:

ASAP Semiconductor is an all types of Martel electronic parts distributor, boasting a comprehensive inventory of both current and obsolete product lines as well as the capabilities to procure any parts we do not have. If you have a demand for these parts, please contact us today and one of our knowledgeable sales staff will be ready to assist you.


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