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Memory Cards in Different Sizes

Memory cards are used every day to suffice all our electronic devices such as cameras, cell phones, and so much more. The most common form of memory is Flash memory because it is non-volatile meaning it can be removed from the device without losing data and reused by overwriting and erasing the data. We will be talking about all the different forms of memory cards and the capabilities.

Memory cards vary in price and the price mainly differs on the capacity of the memory and compatibility. There are numerous forms of memory however now it appears memory cards become smaller and smaller as our devices become slimmer. However, due to everything relying on technology the memory capacity continues to grow. 

As mentioned prior memory cards are mainly used to serve small electronic devices so here we will rundown on a variety of memory cards and some of their special features. We will begin with, Compact Flash (CF) this was invented to support 3.3V and 5V operation and is capable to be used intermingled. This form of memory is still the most popular because it supports professional devices as we see social media grow more and more the demand for this continues. Secure Digital Card (SD Card), are in many small portable devices such as cameras and cell phones. Mini SD Card and MicroSD were created mainly for mobile devices, as our phones become slimmer the SD cards need to become smaller as well.

Although memory cards have not been around for too long the evolution of memory cards have progressed quickly. The Smart Media is slightly different from the rest mentioned above because of it obsolete. However, it is often still in demand by consumers who own those devices which require the smart media. It is also interesting to see memory cards which are made exclusively for certain devices which means it limits the market. One that falls under this is the x-D Picture Card is specialized to be used for digital cameras established by Fujifilm and Olympus.


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