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Mercury Systems Awarded $4.7 Million Contract

Mercury Systems has just announced that the company received a $4.7 million dollar contract from the U.S. Government facility for their advanced digital transceivers to be used in an electronic warfare application capacity. Mercury Systems is expected to deliver the order which was booked during the company’s fiscal 2016 fourth quarter over the next several quarters spanning the next couple of years.

Charlie Hudnall, Vice-President and General Manager of Mercury’s Embedded Sensor Products group revealed that the reason the U.S. Government selected Mercury had to do with their ability to rapidly deliver high-performance transceivers for their critical EW defense program at an extremely cost-effective price. Hudnall beamed as he went further to remark that Mercury Systems is proud to be able to offer advanced digital products that will enhance the capabilities of their customer’s systems while marrying that with our own military’s ability to maintain strategic dominance in the electromagnetic spectrum.

Mercury Systems is one of the industry’s forefront leaders as a commercial provider of secure processing subsystems which are optimized for their customer’s needs and mission requirements while being wholly designed and made in the USA. Per Mercury Systems’ website, the company aims to leverage its experience in the radar and Electronic Warfare (EW) domain to offer solutions that addresses current and future war-fighter requirements while addressing the modern day challenges of vulnerability and systemic attacks across the whole RF spectrum.

They have maintained their positional dominance as the industry leader in coherent, fast-tuning, low-latency DRFM-based sub-systems and promises to deliver complex and highly-integrated system-level solutions at an affordable price and in the most expeditious manner. Electronic warfare (EW) refers to any action involving the use of electromagnetic spectrum or any kind of directed energy to control the spectrum, used in an attack against opposition or impede enemy assault via the spectrum.

EW is used to deny the enemy access and subsequently the advantage of the EM spectrum and by ensuring friendly access to the EM spectrum unimpeded. Being that EW can be applied from land, sea, air and space by manned and unmanned systems, it can target anything from humans, technology and weapons.


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