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Michelin NZG Radial Technology Tires Equipped on Boeing 777-300 ER

Beginning in July 2016, Michelin Aircraft Tire Company will be the main supplier on the final assembly line for the Boeing 777-300ER, the 777-200LR, and the 777 Cargo. These carriers will be flying over 7370 nautical miles and can transport up to 400 passengers per flight.  President Frank Moreau of the Michelin Aircraft Tire Company is “proud to have been selected by Boeing as its official partner”.

Michelin’s newly patented Near Zero Growth (NZG) radial tires will be affixed on the main landing gears.  The NZG radial tires are set to offer a low cost of ownership, the highest level of safety, and a long tread life. Michelin radial tires were part of the Boeing lists of aircrafts: 737, 747,787, and 777.

Boeing awarded Michelin “Supplier of the Year” award in April 2015. This certification allows Michelin to continue to dominate with performance and quality with their radial tire technology.  These NSG tires provide weight savings that reduce fuel consumption. Also, they improve wear significantly based on the number of landings versus the nylon radial tires. Most importantly, the tires are more reliable, increasing resistance to damage towards the tires from foreign objects.

The addition to The Michelin NZG Radial Technology Tires on Boeing’s carriers continues an everlasting partnership between two of the most prominent companies in the aerospace  industries. Manufacturing will be located in Bourges, France, which is the location of the worldwide hub for Michelin’s radial technology aircraft tire plant.

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