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Micro-Electromechanical Sensors Paving the Way for Enrichment of Our Daily Lives

Sensors are so widely used in today’s society that one would be hard-pressed to not be around some sort of Micro-electromechanical sensor in our everyday endeavors. From mobile phones, tablets, and medical devices to games, your alarm system, even your car! The list of sensors impacting our daily lives is endless.

In fact, the application for these MEMS are only bound by our own imagination. From your home to the office, sensors on your phone, your house alarm, the automatic light that turns on in your office room, constantly monitor your every movement. Your doctor has a monitoring device to assess the rhythm of your irregular heartbeat, your car has sensors to alert you when you drift from your lane or when you’re about to hit something backing up.

MEMS is essentially a mechanical extension of the physical senses you were bestowed at birth. A new startup has announced some riveting news about how they are using a gyroscope to effectively reduce hand tremors in patients due to affliction from Parkinson’s disease. Patients are fitted with a glove embedded with the gyroscope which will monitor the shaking and a motor counterbalances the motion.

Although, it is still in its testing phase, the ability to have steady hands will allow for patients to assume some semblance of a normal life. ST-Microelectronics is one such company that is at the forefront of this sensor revolution. With more than 10 billion MEMS shipped all the while maintaining one of the industry’s most comprehensive and extensive MEMS portfolio which include gyroscope, accelerometer, MEMS microphone, magnetometer, and UV/pressure/temperature/humidity sensors.

ST-Microelectronics designed their product line to guarantee optimal performance even in the most challenging of environmental conditions. This is due to ST-Microelectronics’s patented “Golden Flow” specifications for manufacturing which equips each sensor with uniquely and precisely factor regulated calibrations. This ensures that the sensors are highly stable under almost all conditions and in will in almost 99% of cases eliminate the need for re-calibration at the time of consumer use. Ultimately this robust and extensive quality control allows ST-Microelectronics  to guarantee the highest level of performance, reliability, accuracy and safety all the while reducing the cost of ownership for the consumer’s final application. Talk about the total package!

Here at ASAP Semiconductor, we have a dedicated and expansive array of ST Microelectronics products. If you are interested in a quote, please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly sales staff at sales@asapsemi.com call us at toll free at 1-714-705-4780.


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