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Microchip now selling an RF transceiver supporting the Sigfox wide area wireless protocol for IoT networks

Microchip Technology Inc. provides microcontrollers and analog semiconductors for different applications worldwide. It became a leading service provider by catering to the needs of a wide variety of consumers. To increase its market even further, Microchip has begun selling an RF transceiver which supports the Sigfox wide area for Internet of Things networks. The stand-alone ATA8520E transceiver is FCC-certified and comes with an AVR micro controller. It also comes with the option of an Xplained PRO development board that is also FCC-certified. What brings users to Sigfox is the lower node power connections that are not available with Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. As of today, there are more than 8 million devices already part of the ISM unlicensed network which operates in 24 countries.

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