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New Chip Unlocks Computer Potential

A new silicon chip is about to change the game. Quantum information processing is about to be revolutionized by Yale Tang Lab which announced Thursday that it has taken the first step towards creating a super computer. Hong Tang who is the head of Tang Lab and with the help of his staff has developed a chip that serves the two most important function of a super computer which is the ability to detect photons and control them. The project is four years in the making. The inspiration for the chip comes from the chip technology that are being used by IBM and Samsung with the end game of creating a quantum computer that is scalable which would resolve the age-old restrictions of the physical space that computers and quantum computers take up.

Carsten Schuck speculates that the arrival of this technology has the ability to revolutionize the speed at which computer application can operate. Things like searching a database, cracking codes, running complex simulations across countless models and back testing them simultaneously will happen in the blink of an eye. Tang went so far as to compare using a modern day computer to using an Abacus! Professor Xiaosong Ma of Nanjiang University reveals that the team used advanced nanofabrication techniques to scale down the size of the element to as tiny as a nanometer.

The end goal is to put thousands of elements on a chip so while the speed and size capabilities will increase exponentially, conversely so will the space that the chips and ultimately the quantum computers shrink. Although this is ground-breaking news, all involved are pumping the brakes and cautions us not to celebrate prematurely. Tang Lab researchers and developers expect to further develop this technology that will create future versions of the chip so that one day the dream of a super computer will finally come to fruition.

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