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Northrop Grumman Wins $74M Contract to Upgrade LITENING G4 Targeting Pods on F-16s

Northrop Grumman has received a contract to provide upgrade work and spares for the LITENING G4 targeting pods belonging to the United States Air Force Reserve Command and Air National Guard. The $74 million indefinite delivery/indefinite quantity contract upgrades will enable digital, high definition video from the AN/AAQ-28(V) LITENING G4 advanced targeting system to the cockpit.

Work on the LITENING G4 pods for this contract is being done for the F-16 fighter jet. The upgrades to the system will provide an advanced image processing, giving a greater quality image clarity and situational awareness. So far, Northrop Grumman has provided over 700 LITENING pods to the United States Marine Corps, all system components to the Air Force, and eight international customers.  The LITENING G4 targeting pods have been equipped on several different military aircraft variants including the A-10, AV-8B, B-52, F-15, F-16 and F/A-18.

The LITENING G4 system is a self-contained, multi-sensor targeting and surveillance system. It allows for aircrews to sense, obtain, auto-track, and identify targets at very long ranges for situations such as weapon delivery, non-traditional intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance missions. The system features 1KFLIR, 1K charged-coupled device (CCD), laser imaging sensors, advanced imaging processing, and digital video output which gives it high quality imagery for precise target identification and engagement in the battlefield. Other features include color symbology for lower pilot workload, cockpit display integration, multiple fields of view, two-way plug-and-play datalinks, and a flexible upgrade path for quick and easy configuration. As the latest configuration of the system, the LITENING G4 is authorized for export to NATO countries such as Canada, the United Kingdom, and Korea.

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