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Omron develops relays for reliable solar safety systems

How Omron Developed Solar Safety Systems: Typically, grid-connected solar PV inverters use pairs of monostable grid protection relays for system and user safety.  Omron has re-engineered its G7L-PV DPST-NO and G8P SPST-NO range specifically to meet these requirements, with a fast operate time of typically 20ms, long life and a low power coil. Both devices address the applicable standards which are IEC62109-1, 2 (July 2011) and VDE0126-1.

The G7L-PV features a large contact gap of over 3mm to ensure working voltage and over-voltage standards compliance. Contact rating has been increased to 280Vac with a 30A, AC7a Inductive load.

Other changes made to the G7L-PV include re-profiling of both the stationary and wiping contacts, slightly harder contact material, stronger coil spring, changing magnet wire from Class B (132 deg.C) to higher temperature tolerant F (150 deg.C) and spool material enhancement.

The G7L-PV has a class leading low power consumption of 320mW. The device features a PCB mounting package of 52.5mm L x 35.5mm W x 41mm H.

Omron has also added the G8P-1A4P-BG, a new member of the G8P relay family, optimised for durable hot start capability and with good coil and contact temperature rise characteristics.

The newly re-engineered device has a contact gap of over 2mm, and a rated electrical life of 30k operations at 20A 250VAC. This relay is even smaller than the G7L-PV, and is supplied in a plastic sealed PCB mounting package of 32.1mm L x 27.2mm W x 20.1mm H.

The supplier offers the relays with 12 and 24Vdc coil voltages as standard, others are available on request. The devices are approved to UL, CSA and VDE standards – VDE approval is pending on the G7L-PV. Both feature a wide ambient temperature operation range -55 to +85 deg.C. For more information about Omron Eletronic components with best quote .

( Courtesy: Electronics Weekly)


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