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A new Oscilloscope 10bit HDO9000 series introduced by Teledyne LeCroy

Teledyne LeCroy has introduced a HDO9000 range of oscilloscopes to the industry that is equipped with HD1024 technology features. Designed and manufactured to,  “automatically determine the best A/D converter configuration under each measurement condition to optimize vertical resolution, extending up to 13.8bits.”

The HDO9000 offers additional software packages to equip the HDO9000 that will be compatible with all,

“validation and debug requirements ranging from automated standards compliance packages to flexible debugging toolkits.”

Accompanied with a band of specific measurements and or eye diagram packages that go hand in hand with the trigger and decode software package. The options that the HDO9000 range does provide,

“include digital filtering, spectrum analysis, device and switching power supply analysis, and more.”

The luxury of the HDO9000 range allows the customization of specific parameters and math functions to insert by owner.

Some of the latest features that the HDO9000 offers is a single touch screen that measures at 15.4in that allows the device to be managed from solely one screen. The main purpose for the single touch screen on the oscilloscope is to be able to direct and manage the electrical signal and voltage to many different devices or disperse them for different functions all in the same time. Many of the features have been inputted to enhance the processing and can store a lot more data and information that is inputted. Equipped with a,

“10bit resolution, bandwidths of 1 to 4GHz and sample rates of 40Gsample/s, enabling efficient and accurate debug. Two units can be synchronized to operate as an eight-channel oscilloscope without limitations.”

The HDO90000 mixed signal (-MS) model displays 16 digital lines which properly trigger, decode, and provide measurements for time analysis discrepancies or debugging of digital designs.


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