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Positronic Industries - Global Connector Solutions

Know More About Well known Global Manufacturer - Positronic Industries: Founded in 1966, Positronic Industries, Inc. has grown to become a global manufacturer and supplier of high reliability electronic connectors and build-to-print cable assemblies. It is primarily known for its manufacturing of high reliability power connectors and D-sub connectors. It is based in Springfield, Missouri but also has manufacturing locations in Puerto Rico, France, China, Singapore, and India, as well as sales offices in Missouri, France, and Singapore. The company’s current product offering includes power, D-subminiature, circular, rectangular, fiber optic, hermetic, thermocouple, application tooling, and cable assembly connectors.

Some notable achievements include its introduction of new and unique connector products to the electronics industry and patents for unique connector features and manufacturing techniques. The company also utilizes vertically integrated manufacturing and in-house design and development. Today it remains a private company categorized under Electric Connectors Manufacturers.

Leading manufacturer and supplier Positronic Industries, Inc. boasts estimated annual revenue of between $100 and $500 million while employing between 500-999 people. As of late, several substantial changes have been taking place at the company. In 2011, Positronic positioned itself for sustained global growth by restructuring the company and implementing a new ERP system shortly thereafter. The company has even unveiled a new logo design in February of this year, representing a new era of the company as it continues to grow. As stated by a Positronic representative, “our new logo is a tangible symbol of our desire to continue modernizing ourselves while honoring the past.” Just this past March, Positronic announced the addition of a new e-commerce partner, PosiShop, for the purpose of stocking and selling standard Positronic catalog items available off the shelf for quick shipment. PosiShop has over $1 million worth of parts available for shipment within one business day, targeting customers looking for small quantities for design and prototype purposes or with specialized needs. Expect the trend to continue as the company continues to usher in changes to move forward in a positive direction.


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