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Qualcomm and Leti Come Together to Continue 3D Chip Technology Advancements

Imagine multiple stacks of active layers of transistors without through-silicon bias. Years ago this was an impossible sight, but today two of the largest industry leaders, CEA-Leti & Qualcomm have collaborated in developing the newest 3D chip of its kind.

CEA-Leti is a French research-and-technology organization that focuses on creating value and innovation through technology transfers and specializing in nanotechnologies.  They have been actively working on new 3d Technology in recent years.

Qualcomm is an American semiconductor company that designs and markets wireless telecommunications.  The company headquarters is located in San Diego, California and has 224 locations around the world. Qualcomm was founded in 1985 with its first service provided satellite locating and messaging.

These two giant industry leaders were able to develop technology that allows stacking process of transistors. Leti experts state that this technology does not lower the performance of transistors or between the layers of stacked transistors. CEO, Marie Semeria believes with the collaboration of Qualcomm to their “CoolCube” that the industry is headed in the right direction.

Semeria states that,
Together, we aim to build a complete ecosystem with foundries, equipment suppliers, and EDA and design houses to assemble all the pieces of the puzzle and move the technology into product-qualification phase.

This partnership between Qualcomm and Leti is not new. They have been working together for the past 2 years developing and advancing the true potential of nanotechnology, and 3d chip designing.  Many are optimistic that this technology will be able to answer the many issues in regards to scaling.


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