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Raytheon Successfully Tests New Excalibur N5 Naval Projectile at Yuma Proving Ground

The Raytheon Company, a major American industrial corporation and defense contractor, has successfully tested its most recent Excalibur N5 projectile during a live guided-flight demonstration at Yuma Proving Ground in Arizona. The Excalibur N5 projectile, which is being utilized by several militaries such as the United States Army and United States Marine Corps, is a naval variant of the already existing Excalibur precision projectile.

"Excalibur N5's range, precision and lethality will revolutionize naval gunfire and increase the offensive firepower of our navy's destroyers and cruisers,” said Duane Gooden, the vice president of Raytheon Land Warfare Systems product line. "This demonstration showcases the N5's maturity as a proven low-risk solution, and is ready for the navy now."

According to Raytheon, the upgraded Excalibur N5 projectile is capable of offering more than triple the maximum effective range of typical naval gun munitions. In addition to this, Raytheon claims that the projectile offers the same precise accuracy as the Excalibur Ib, which is in production currently. The Excalibur utilizes GPS guidance in order to provide precise, first-round effects capability in almost any situation, while simultaneously offering a high level of precision despite the fact that this upgraded system requires less time, money, and logistical concerns. The new Excalibur N5 projectile was designed in order to support a variety of critical mission areas, such as anti-surface warfare (ASuW), naval surface fire support, and combatting fast attack craft (FAC).

"With the significant amount of re-use from the Army's Excalibur program, the N5 provides the Navy with an affordable, direct path to employ a critical capability,” added Gooden. "We continue to build on Excalibur's unmatched reliability and performance by investing in a fire-and-forget, dual-mode seeker that will vastly improve the 5in gun's current ASuW and counter-FAC capability."

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July 19, 2016

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