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Raytheon Wins $169m US Navy Contract for Phalanx Close-in Weapon Systems

The United States Navy has recently awarded Raytheon, an American industrial corporation and defense contractor, with a contract to manufacture, test, and inspect Phalanx Close-in Weapon Systems (CIWS). This contract, which is estimated to be valued at $159.9 million, will encompass and include support equipment for the SeaRAM and Phalanx Weapon Systems, Block 1B radar improvements, as well as kits for maintainability, reliability, and availability. In addition to this, the contract will also include overhaul of four land-based Phalanx Weapon Systems.

Phalanx is an anti-ship missile system which is capable of defending vessels and their crews from threats, such as a variety of anti-ship missiles, helicopters, floating mines, as well as standard and guided artillery. This defense system incorporates a rapid-fire, computer-controlled radar which utilizes a 20mm gun system to destroy enemy hazards which are automatically acquired and tracked through the defense systems on the vessel.

"Phalanx provides the US Navy's ships with a 'last-chance' defense against anti-ship missiles and littoral warfare threats, while SeaRAM extends that inner-layer battlespace,”

said Rick Nelson, the vice president of Raytheon Naval and Area Mission Defense product line.

"Close-in systems give war-fighters the ability to automatically carry out functions usually performed by separate systems on other ships.”

The most recent contract also offers an additional $10 million option in the fiscal year of 2015, as well as another valued option at $291 million in the fiscal year of 2016. The work required for this contract is anticipated to be completed by August of 2018, with the operations being performed in Louisville, Kentucky.

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