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Rockwell Collins Receives Major Aviation Contract

Transportation Partners has selected Rockwell Collins as its supplier of avionics parts for 201 Boeing 737 MAX and options for 29 Next-Generation Boeing 737 aircraft. Transportation Partners has been providing their aviation leasing services for years. They are an affiliate of Lion Air, Malindo Air, Wings Air, Batik Air, and Thai Lion Air. The international company based out of Dublin, Ireland and SIngapore selected Rockwell Collins to provide solutions such as the MultiScan™ ThreatTrack weather radar, GLU-925 Multi-Mode Receiver, and Traffic Alert and Collision Avoidance (TCAS II) traffic computer TTR-2100.

The order for the systems can be attributed to the high volume of aircraft flying over the Pacific Ocean. Airlines are taking every precaution possible to avoid another Malaysian Airlines flight 370 situation.

“As air traffic increases in the Asia Pacific region, having advanced and reliable systems for detecting weather threats, precision navigation, and aircraft avoidance will become even more critical,” said Jim Walker, the vice president and managing director for Asia Pacific for Rockwell Collins. “We’re honored by the trust Transportation Partners is putting in Rockwell Collins for another order of this magnitude.”

All of the systems being ordered will provide the aircraft with a safety upgrade. They will enhance capabilities such as navigation, weather prediction, turbulence threats, thunderstorm alerts, ride quality, and air traffic notifications. Other systems being delivered include the ADF-900 Automatic Direction Finder, DME-2100 Distance Measuring Equipment, VHF-2100 Transceiver, HFS-900D Radio, TPR-901 Mode S Transponder, and VOR-900 Omnidirectional Radio.

Chief Operating Officer John Duffy of Transportation Partners mimicked the stress they putting on safety.

“Safety is of greatest concern for us and airlines, especially with the high volume of passengers ferried every day, and Rockwell Collins helps airlines by keeping them clear of weather threats and other traffic, and by enabling them to fly more efficiently,” he said.

Deliveries of the systems will begin in just about one year’s time.


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