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ROHM Semiconductor – Consistently Supplying Top-of-the-line Products to the Global Market

About ROHM and Its Product Range: ROHM Semiconductor is an electronic parts supplier headquartered in Kyoto, Japan. Rohm was founded in 1958 by Kenichiro Sato, originally under the name Toyo Electronics Industry Corporation. The name of the company name was changed to Rohm in 1981 and it wasn’t until 2009 that the name “ROHM Semiconductor” became official. The name ROHM was originally written as R.ohm, with the R standing for resistors, and ohm, the unit of measurement for resistance. ROHM Semiconductor began as a manufacturer of resistors, hence the origin of the name ROHM. Later on, the company began manufacturing semiconductors, resulting in the name ROHM Semiconductor.

ROHM Semiconductor creates various products with a wide range of applications. Their product line includes ICs, discrete semiconductors, opto electronics, passive components, modules (sub systems), as well as commercial products. Their ICs include: memory, amplifiers & linear, power management, clocks & timers, switch & multiplexer & logic, data converter, sensors & MEMS, LED & LCD drivers, motor & actuator drivers, interface, and audio & video. ROHM Semiconductor also develops opto electronics, such as: LED, LED displays, laser diodes, optical sensors, IrDA infrared communication, and remote control receiver. Their line of discrete semiconductors includes transistors, diodes, and SiC power devices. Resistors and tantalum capacitors are in their passive components division. Modules include power modules, wireless LAN modules, contact image sensor heads, and printheads. Commercial products involve LED lighting, banalyst and Intel chipset. ROHM semiconductors also provide design tools for their consumers like their electronic laboratory and design simulation model. Currently, discrete semiconductors and IC’s make up for around 80% of their annual revenue. As of 2008, ROHM Semiconductor is one of the top 20 worldwide semiconductor sales leaders.

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