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Dornier Seawings Seastar Production Beings

Dornier Seawings announced at this year’s Singapore Airshow that production will start for the Seastar. After two years of development and upgrades The Seastar is said to be “the world’s most advanced amphibious aircraft”.  The European Aviation Safety Agency is set to award Dornier Seawings an amended Type Certificate in the second quarter of 2018. Dornier Seawings plans to roll out the final product to their customers, later that year.

This was all made possible by Dornier Seawings, Wuxi Industrial Development Group, and Wuxi Communications Industry Group Co. Ltd. coming together to produce the best aircraft of its kind. Assembly will start in Oberpfaffenhofen, Germany and open another assembly facility later in Wuxi, China. The Seastar has allowed Dornier Seawings to partner with various industry supply leaders such as Honeywell International Inc. USA, Diamond Aircraft Industries Inc. Canada, MT Propellers, Germany, SPP Canada Aircraft Inc, and Pratt & Whitney Canada.

This aircraft operates on land and water without a change in performance. It is said that the Seastar can reach up to 180 KTAS, which is the fastest aircraft in its class; the nearest competitor is 40 KTAS slower.  The Seastar is made of an all-composite, corrosion-free airframe which allows for cheaper maintenance costs. With all of the positive customer responses worldwide, Dr. Albert Halder, CEO of Dornier Seawings believes that the Seastar will be a “commercial success”.

The Seastar is also enhanced by the level of safety that it provides. In the event of engine failure, there are two turboprop engines that eliminate any chance of asymmetric thrust.  The sponsons hold the landing gear and fuel tanks which allows for excellent water handling. These features allow for easy mobility through rough air & sea conditions.

With Dornier Seawings commitment of excellent service to customers and operations, they have created the Seawing that provides superior performance, safety, and low maintenance cost.

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