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Select the Broadest Range of Electronic & Power Products from SANKEN

Know More About Sanken in Electronic Manufacturing : Toho Sanken Electric Co., LTD was formed in 1962 and changed its named to Sanken Electric Co., Ltd shortly thereafter. It was started after World War II when the chief of the semiconductor laboratory Toho Industrial Research Laboratory utilized its engineers and facilities to establish the company. Toho Industrial Research Laboratory was originally founded in August 1937. In 1968, the company joined Airpax Corporation of the USA, a joint venture company, forming Sanken-Airpax Co. In 1970, they went public on the Tokyo and Osaka Stock Exchange and a few years later, expanded to Korea, Taiwan, and other Asian countries.

The company specializes in the manufacture, sale, and purchase of electrical equipment, electric works, telecommunication works, and other construction works. Their capital is 20,881,273,912 yen and they issue 125,457,910 shares. They offer the following products: ICs, transistors, thyristors, diodes, DC/DC power modules, LEDs, CCFLs, UPS, switching power supplies, AC adapters, power line filters, inverters, airway beacon systems, and DC power supplies. Their IC product offering includes power management IC, motor driver IC, LED driver IC, and automotive IC.

In recent news, Sanken developed a compact circuitry to eliminate LED flickering. They also established a headquarters company in North America and recently changed the corporate structure for subsidiaries. They also released a full-mold DC/DC converter module MPM80 series and developed a non-isolated board type POL converter module BR200 series, which has a fast response to rapidly changing loads. All these developments occurred in 2013, and look for more product line releases in the coming year.

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