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Semikron – Dreaming up and striving for Innovative Product and Technology Evolution

History About Semikron, Semikron, founded in 1951, is a family-owned and private semiconductor manufacturer. It is a German-based company, headquartered in Nuremberg, Germany and founded by Dr. Friedrich Josef Martin. It currently employs 3600 people around the world, 1500 of which are in Germany. Semikron’s distribution and business network is comprised of 35 companies and 10 different manufacturing locations which include: Brazil, China, France, Germany India, Italy, Korea, Slovakia, South Africa, and the USA. Semikron specializes in an array of different products such as chips, discrete semiconductors, transistors, and diodes and thyristor power modules. In addition, they also offer power assemblies and systems for the following industries: industrial drives, wind and solar, hybrid and electric vehicles, rail industry, and power supplies. In terms of global market share, Semikron controls 30% of the worldwide market for diode and thyristor modules. Of the 122 Gigawatts of wind power capacity installed around in the world, 57 Gigawatts were made of Semikron semiconductors. It is duly noted that Semikron is a major player in its respective industry in the global market.

Benefits to Go With  Semikron

Semikron offers 11,600 different power semiconductors that range from 1Kw to 10 MW. They are known for developing the first isolated power module to be used, in which 56 million units are still in use today. They have taken on the slogan “Semikron inside” as the trademark for renewable energy markets in which they have entered, especially hybrid vehicles and other industrial applications like electric drives, welding machines, power supplies, pumps, and conveyer belts, among others. The company also advertises their use of state-of-the-art technology as well as their eCommerce option through Via, an associated company of Semikron Group, which makes it possible to order their products online. Furthermore, they have been certified for several quality systems.

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