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Socionext 4th Gen Graphics Display Controller Sampled

Socionext has announced in April they will be sampling a 4th generation version of their SC1810 Series graphics display controllers. The Fujitsu-Panasonic SoC jv will be incorporating the first hardware accelerator that is compatible and conforms with the KhronosTM Group’s computer vision API OpenVXTM. Low power, high performance has always been Socionext’s aim for image recognitiionsolutions for embedded home, industrial and automotive systems.

The proprietary SC1810 is well equipped with 6 channels Full HD video inputs, 3 channels of Full HD display outputs, Vision Processor (VPU), and Integrated HMI (Human Machine Interface) system in order to manage all the information, control multiple displays and provide higher definition and image quality inside and outside the car. Developed by Khronos Group, the SC1810’s VPU comes with the world’s first OpenVX compliant hardware accelerator and programmable data parallel accelerator.

SC1810’s VPU also comes with the ability to expand the image recognition all the while improving conventional display controller functionalities. Also standard with SC1810 is the OMNIVIEW which features a 360 degree wrap-around viewing system which allows it to generate a 3D view around the vehicle from any perspective and analyzes images alerting driver of objects in the proximity such as bicycles and pedestrian. Here at ASAP Semiconductor, we have a dedicated and expansive array of IT Hardware and Board level components products. We are your one-stop shop and go destination for a simplified sourcing solution.


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