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Sony Purchases Israeli Chipmaker Altair Semiconductor for $212 million

Sony recently announced that it will purchase Israeli Chipmaker Altair Semiconductor for the price of $212 million. This deal comes as the Japanese electronics company prepares to increase its focus on electronic chip technology that will be beneficial for developing sensors commonly used in the internet of things. Altair Semiconductor was founded in 2005 by former Texas Instruments executive managers.

The company develops high quality modern chips used to connect devices such as power meters and security alarms to the internet. With the internet of things in mind Sony plans on combining the connective technology found in this chips with sensing technology and image sensors. This will increase the connectivity of devices by making it easier for devices to sense other devices, especially via cellular connection.

 Kazuo Hirai, Sony Chief Executive Officer recently stated that "More and more 'things' are expected to be equipped with cellular chip sets, realizing a connected environment in which 'things' can reliably and securely access network services that leverage the power of cloud computing."

The Japanese electronics company has gradually been moving away from consumer electronics in recent years and has instead focused more on increasing growth in its image sensor development, motion picture development and video games. Advancements into the images sensor market where seen in Sony’s acquisition of Toshiba’s image sensor development department. This move was done to bolster Sony’s image sensor development and as part of the deal Sony acquired Toshiba’s sensor manufacturing facility located in Oita, Japan.

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