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Souriau Connection Technology - Amongst the Best and Largest that Provides Reliable Interconnect Solutions

Company with an International Presence: Esterline Souriau is a privately held group that was established in 1917. Esterline Souriau started with only 20 employees and was created by Mr. Sauriau. Over time, Souriau has gone through several acquisitions. The first acquisition was in 1989, when it was acquired by Framatome. The company was acquired once again in 2006 by Sagard , with the most recent acquisition being in 2011 by Esterline.

For this reason, today the group is named Esterline Souriau. The company manufactures and designs several products for a variety of markets such as aerospace & defense, industrial & instrumentation, motorsport, nuclear and railway. Esterline Souriau has worldwide locations in Europe, USA, Asia, and Africa. They have representatives in more than 80 countries worldwide. The company is able to design and develop a variety of products because of their dedication in research and development centers. Souriau has 200 people in their R & D department alone. Out of the 200 people, 150 of those people have mastering capabilities in shielding, crosstalk, hermeticity, network protocols and physical layers. The other 50 people are focusing on engineering new products and making continuous improvements in their current product lines.

Rich Portfolio of Connector Products at Unbeatable Price Range:

Their current product lines offer more than 100,000 part numbers. They also have in-house test centers. Some of the connector types they offer include the following:

  • Circular
  • Rectangular
  • Filter
  • MIL DTL 38999 Series Platform
  • Hermetics
  • Fiber Optics and Quadrax
  • Ethernet Network
  • Push-Pull
  • Quick Connect Disconnect
  • Harsh Environment Geophysical
  • Compact Circular Connectors
  • Space Grade
  • R.F

Esterline Souriau also offers customized products to fit your specific requirements. All of their products undergo electrical testing, mechanical testing and environmental testing. They are proud to offer complete, innovative, outstanding and competitive product range.

Partner with the Best to Avail the Faultless:

ASAP Semiconductor is a leading distributor of all Esterline Souriau products, with a competency in a vast array of other electronic interconnects components as well. If you have a requirement for any of the following products, contact us today and one of our knowledgeable sales staff at sales@asapsemi.com will be ready to assist you. Our comprehensive database is available 24/7 and is at your disposal to help meet all your needs.


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