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TDK is said to release a QM series AC-DC power supply

A new QM series of an AC DC power supplies have been introduced by TDK.  TDK Corporation has created the first 1200 W to 1500W rated modular series to have MoPPs isolated allows for it to have the lowest “acoustic noise “that is offered at that power level in the market. The latest series is certified by both the medical and industrial industries to allow for it to be used and placed in many applications. Many popular applications that the QM series can be embedded in are

“including BF rated medical equipment, test and measurement, broadcast, communications and renewable energy applications.”

The product is equipped with an online configurator for easy product definition showing a great selection with a choice of signals, leakage current and standby voltages. The configurator accepts for currents to be entered and in result will instantly produce an 8 digit code which creates and easier process for order placement.

The configurator can create up to 16 outputs at a time when currents have been inputted ranging from a 2.8V to a 52.8V voltage. The configurator can produce many types of voltages such as voltages,

“With a 90-264Vac, 47-440Hz input the QM can deliver 1200W, and 1500W with a 150-264Vac input.”
The module can produce a wide range of powers beginning with a 35W being equipped with a single or dual output, rising to its highest at a 1200W with a single output. The module allows for an additional option to be offered with one or two standby voltages “(5V and 12V at up to 2A).”  Accompanied by a unit inhibit, enable option and a powerful AC good signal.

Some of the major perks that QM offers beside its 91% operating efficiency is reducing internal heat loss which activates the use of the low speed cooling fans.  When the cooling process takes place, it is intended for noise to be a reduced

“audible noise for an enhanced patient/user experience to just 44.3 dBA at room temperature and 45.3 dBA at 50°C – measured in accordance with BS EN ISO 3744:2010.”

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