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TE Connectivity Creates Wet-mate Connector

TE Connectivity, a leader in creating innovate ideas for some of the world’s largest challenges, recently announced its creation of a wet-mate connecter that is suitable for subsea control systems. This innovation is huge in the electronic parts world. A wet mate connecter is an electric component used in marine exploration, gas and oil industries, and renewable energy. These brand new HydraElectric wet-made connecters feature a modular construction that enables many different configurations. These configurations can be put together with a minimum number of components. This riveting design showcases industry standard panel, bulkhead and a stab plate interface. This design allows customers to upgrade, exchange or modify existing hardware with little effort. It also offers a corrosion resistance so that the part has a longer lifespan and has less issues for the customer, which makes it more cost effective.

This seacon wet-mate connecter has been designed, tested and developed to be fully qualified to be in line with the latest and greatest of industry standards for control power distributions. These standards include ISO 13628-6 and API 17F SEAFOM. This connector is available in remotely operated vehicle, stab plate and manual modes. The construction of this connecter has the option to come with four, seven, or twelve electrical unit. These options enable multiple configurations for use in signal, electrical, distribution networks. This seacon wet-mate connector greatly complements the entire rest of TE connectivity’s range of products for gas and oil market.

These marine systems require connecters that have high speed communication capabilities and with the ability to control a vast array of operating currents. This new connecter also supports copper-based fast-speed ethernet protocols. This connecter also includes oil-filled dual barriers that help to maintain pressure balance, and can be used at depths up to 4,00-m.


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