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Teradyne: Supporting Electronic Devices Worldwide

Founded by two classmates from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1960, Teradyne has served as an industry leader in the electronic testing field. Over the years of growth, Teradyne has accumulated a consumer base consisting of high-profile customers such as IBM, Analog Devices, Intel, Texas Instruments, Qualcomm, and Samsung. As a result of their relentless commitment to find innovative ways to circumvent complex test issues, Teradyne is capable of offering a variety of test solutions for all of your electronic needs. Teradyne strives to ensure that electronic devices all around the world are working properly and reliably, every single time. Their semiconductor test division consists of five primary product families including J750, FLEX, UltraFLEX, Magnum, and Eagle. Each product family serves to classify and test individual devices on a completed semiconductor, ensuring that the semiconductor wafer has been tested and retested in order to verify that the end product is capable of meeting its intended specifications.

Teradyne also serves the defense and aerospace industry by offering Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) automatic test equipment which is capable of verifying and calibrating even the most complicated electronic devices involved with the defense and aerospace industry. Teradyne’s Defense and Aerospace division serves a variety of customers, ranging from defense and aerospace electronics depots and manufacturers to intermediate-level facilities. Through their flexible platforms and open architecture, Teradyne systems is qualified to meet the Department of Defense standards while simultaneously operating as a configurable and form-fitting system capable of meeting any test need. With over 50 years of experience, Teradyne acts as a leading supplier of Automatic Test Equipment used to test several complex electronic systems. Teradyne currently employs roughly 3,800 people all around the world, which has resulted in sales of $1.43 billion in the year of 2013. As a leading wholesale distributor of electronic components, ASAP Semiconductor supplies a wide range of products ranging from integrated circuits and semiconductors to automatic test equipment. For inquiries regarding Teradyne products, please visit www.asapsemi.com or contact us at sales@asapsemi.com for more information or to submit a quote.


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