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Texas Instruments Releases New USB Type-C Drivers

American Technology Company, Texas Instruments has introduced a new protocol-agnostic linear re-driver. A previous model, the SuperSpeed USB supports up to 5Gbit/s video. Compared to that model, this new SuperSpeedPlus has faster capabilities, reaching up to 3.1 data rates that support 10Gbit/s as well as DisplayPort 1.4 up to 8.1Gbit/s intended for downstream.

Texas Instruments has released a few re-drivers which include the TUSB1046-DCI, TUSB1002, and the TPD8S300. Their TUSB1046-DCI will support several other USB Type-C Alt Mode interfaces which will make up for any loss of cable and board trace. The new TUSB1002 will work as a simpler dual channel 10GHz linear re-driver. Lastly, the TPD8S300 is an eight-channel USB intended for voltage protection.

TI is concerned over the release of products and accessories that support their USB Type-C connectors as many do not meet the conditions set for Type-C devices. For example, there are Power Delivery adaptors that do not place at their expected capability on the Vbus line which yields a shortened transmission path of 20V. The connector shorting pins that are in USB Type-C drivers can also move around and slide, which concerns TI as the already short 20V Vbus can be even shortened to CC and SBU pins, especially if any moisture reaches into the device.

Improvements are clearly needed and Texas Instruments is continuing to work on more evaluations of the three chips currently in production and 2 more, the TPD8S300 and TPD6S300, which are still in the design stage.

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