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The Luxeon HR 30

Lumileds Lighting, a worldwide leader in light engine technology, has recently developed and designed a lighting led which is equipped with robust materials and packaging which allows it to be protected from harsh environments, such as Sulphur and chlorine, and is capable of maintaining output at 105 degrees Celsius for 100,000 hours. This lighting led, called the Luxeon HR30, was specifically engineered and tested with intentions for using it in the most demanding conditions and environments. Potential applications of the Luxeon HR30 include swimming pool buildings, power generation facilities, and chemical plants.

The Luxeon HR30 uses the best materials in the industry to provide for an upgraded packaging, making it the only product in its class which can offer long lifetime and robustness in chemical vapor and high temperature environments. The Luxeon HR30 is an effective solution for a large range of harsh and extreme indoor applications, such as natatoriums, as it offers leading performance and exceptional reliability. Its chemical resistance is partially due to Luxeon HR30’s gold-plated lead-frame package with high reflectance SMC housing, which has been tested for proven resistance to chemical environments after 21 days to IEC68-2-43 (15 ppm): DLOP < 10%, Du’v’ < 0.006.

Engineering for chemical resistance is all about selecting the best materials and then testing those materials under harsh conditions.

said Matthew Everett, the director of mid-power product.

We have leveraged our expertise in materials science and lumen maintenance to produce the industry’s most robust mid power LED.

70CRI and 4000K output is 125 Im at 134 Im/W driven at 150mA. At 70CRI, options include 5,700, 5,000, and 4,000K. At 80CRI, options include 5,700, 4,000, 3,000, and 2,700K. The Luxeon HR30’s 1/5th micro-color binning allows for tight color control. The targeted lifetime of the Luxeon HR30 is in excess of 100,000 hours at 150mA, Ts=105 degrees Celsius.


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