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Toshiba Debuts First Single-Chip 15W Wireless Power Receiver IC Compliant with Qi v1.2

Toshiba America Electronic Components, Inc., announced that is has launched the industry’s first single-chip 15W wireless power receiver IC that is compliant with the Qi v1.2 specifications spelled out by the Wireless Power Consortium. Designated the TC7766WBG, the new chip is optimized for use in mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

"The 'holy grail' for wireless charging for high-performance portable devices has been 15W, and we've been steadily working toward this objective with continued additions to our family of wireless charging devices,"

said Deepak Mithani, senior director of the Mixed Signal Business Unit, System LSI Group at Toshiba America Electronic Components, Inc.

"Making a 15W wireless power chip that allows for rapid charging available to our customers in a package with the same footprint as our previous product will help speed the design-in process and help them get advanced charging devices to market more quickly."

Tripling the received power capability of its precursors and competing chips, the new 15W TC7766WBG has all the functions needed to form a standalone wireless power transfer RX system. Derived from 0.13-micron CMOS/DMOS semiconductor process technology, Toshiba’s CD-0.13 process marries small packaging with large capabilities-creating a cost-efficient system that leaves a small footprint.

"This enables wireless power for subsequent charging of smartphones, tablets and handheld devices at speeds comparable to or, in some cases, faster than conventional wired chargers," Toshiba said.

Generating 15W of maximum output power, the TC7766WBG generates a maximum output current of 1.7 amps (A), output voltage range of 5 to 14 volts (V), full protections, and the advanced Qi Foreign Object Detection functions. Contained in a low-Z-height WCSP28 housing, the chip runs 2.4mm x 3.67mm x 0.5mm.

Prototypes of the new TC7766WBG wireless power receiver IC will be delivered at the end of the year, with mass manufacturing slated to start in spring of 2016.

Founded in 1875, Toshiba is Japan’s largest semiconductor maker and the industry’s sixth-largest semiconductor manufacturer.

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