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Touch display firm Zytronic signs global deal with Future

Zytronic are global leaders that have been providing touch solutions for over 15 years. They are well known in the industry due to their reliability and efficiency. They have a passion and commitment to this technology and that is what has brought them so much success in the past years. They are experts. They have many technologies that can help them establish the best touch screens.

They are committees to developing innovative touch technology that use quality systems. They have one of the best multilingual/multinational sales, customer service and technical support team are one of the best they aid throughout any project. They are the future for the touch interactivity for self-service and public use. They are known for investing around 10% of their annual revenue to the development of new technology and for any product development.  Due to many testing and their efficiency, their products are proven to be the solution and proven to be durable and exceptional especially in tough environments. Their products are able to provide reliable performance 2 hours per day, 7 days per week and 365 days per year.

They recently developed a ruggedized capacitive sensor from its facility in Newcastle. They are being manufactures in a cleanroom conditions and they are planning to increase sensors up to 65 inch diagonal. They collaborated up with Future where together they are planning to design ZyBird p-cap touch sensors. Ian Crosby, sales and marketing director at Zytronic stated

“With this new agreement, those customers who prefer to purchase a fully integrated touch display solution from a supplier with global reach and support have a new option.

With this new partnership and teamwork will be much more strong and reliable product that many customers want.


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