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Vishay-Draloric MELF Resistors & Ceramic Capacitors

Vishay-Draloric primarily manufactures MELF (metal electrode leadless face) resistors and ceramic capacitors, but also offers thin film flat chip resistors, leaded film and wirewound resistors, and large ceramic power capacitors. In 1900 in Selb, Germany, Philip Rosenthal began manufacturing ceramics for electronic applications as a side business to his main concern in porcelain tableware.

In 1936, the business was made independent and combined with AEG to form Rosenthal Isolatoren GmbH (limited liability company). In 1974, the company was renamed CRL and renamed again as Draloric Electronic GmbH. In 1981, the company was acquired by the electronics pision of Corning Glass Works and renamed Corning-Draloric. In 1987, the company was acquired by Vishay Intertechnology. Draloric’s most recent incarnation as Vishay-Draloric came about in 1994 after the capacitor and resistor manufacturers Roederstein GmbH and Vitramon GmbH were acquired and merged with Draloric. Vishay-Draloric maintains production sites in Israel and the Czech Republic. Draloric’s resistor product portfolio includes: thin film chip: used in automotive, industrial, medical, and space applications; their fusible thin film chip resistor is designed for overload protection at constant voltage, medium- to fast- reacting fuse, special protective top coat, flame-retardant, suitable for high-speed insertion, compliant to RoHS directive 2011/65/EU, and can be used in devices such as battery chargers, cordless phones, DVD players, power supplies, and circuit function testing; their high precision family boasts a low temperature coefficient of +/- 5 ppm/K, tight tolerance of +/- .05%, and superior moisture resistivity of less than or equal to .25% leaded wirewound: used in avionic and industrial applications; these resistors feature a power range of 1-500 W, a resistance range of R056 to 620K, a temperature range of -55 to 200 degrees Celsius, a high voltage surge up to 12 kV, and fusing time of less than 30 seconds for 45 W overload MELF: used in a wide range of applications: automotive (from engine management to electronic displays), avionic, industrial (from heat pumps to fluid level gages), medical (x-ray equipment), military, and space (from forward traveling wave tube amplifiers to ignition systems of guided missiles); features three sizes—0102, 0204, and 0207, a broad resistance range of 0.16 to 10M, tolerances down to +/- 0.1%, TCR down to +/- 15 ppm/K, AEC-Q200 qualification, and high-frequency styles from 1 to 1k Draloric offers other notable resistor products including: thick film chip—used in avionic, industrial, medical, military, and space applications; thick film chip array; crowbar and chopper; leaded carbon film –used in industrial applications; leaded metal oxide—used in industrial applications; and leaded thin film—used in industrial and medical applications.


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