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Vitamin Angels hope to spread health education to more less fortunate countries around the world

A nonprofit organization by the name of Vitamin Angels out of Los Angeles, CA is on rise to expand the knowledge of health to third world countries. The Angels are an organization that helps provide essential vitamins to malnutrition parts of the world. Currently have helped over 52 million women and children in approximate 66 countries worldwide. Their current goal has been to expand the knowledge of basic health principles helping train local health workers of those regions. In doing so the Angels have collaborated with modern training company Torrence Learning to help with the wide spread of knowledge. The standard USB drives have been estimated to cost the company around 2 to 4 US dollars in price, averaging a total of 92,000$ US dollars for the project to date.

In this USB, it will be providing a program that can be used to teach primary care solution. How to provide the proper nutrients to the locals while taking notice of the most susceptible people for future project and studies. Being able to Distribute the proper nutrients, the course will also provide the dangers of vitamin deficiencies and its repercussions. How to safety dispense Vitamin-A capsules to those in need. Their plan is to be able to provide basic USB drives with a chromium web browser and server compatible to any computer.

They are currently undergoing with the beginning of the project in countries like Indiana, Indonesia, and Nigeria. With the beginning countries of the project The Vitamin Angels will use these as a starting point to hopefully expand to further countries by the year 2018.

The founder and President of the Vitamin Angels, Howard Schiffer has enormous aspirations for his company and states,” The goal is to go from training 1,000 field health workers every year to 6,000 or more.”

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