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Xerox Focuses On 3D Printing

Xerox Corporation, the American global corporation which offers business services as well as document technology products, has recently made the decision to improve techniques for production of smart devices through the use of 3D printing.  The Xerox Corporation is currently working on developing the necessary electronics in order to utilize 3D printing processes to create smart devices. According to the lead of the Novel and Printed Electronics program at the Xerox Corporation’s Palo Alto Research Center (PARC), Janos Veres, the company is diligently working to create electronics 3D printing technologies which will enable for the creation of smart devices of any size or shape.

Most electronics devices that you have today, they are electronics that we build on a board which is rigid. Once we made that board we put it in a box. Every single electronics piece looks like that.

Veres said.

We should be able to make electronics to the shape we dream of.

The company believes that 3D printing will allow for their designers to produce new configurations of electronics with complicated shapes. This room for creativity means that the common design of electronics will no longer constrain placement of sensors. The goal of the Xerox Corporation is to create a 3D printing process which will allow for the production of any device, regardless of complexity, to be equipped with batteries as well as sensors. Such devices may include smart phones, computers, wearable devices, and components in aerospace and automotive industries.

There is an incredible opportunity for printing and it truly opens an entirely new field, and make production on demand and local instead of being the privilege of large factories. That’s the power of printing.

added Veres.

According to Wikipedia,

Xerox is the world’s leading enterprise for business process and document management. Examples of some of the company’s services include: Transaction Processing Services - Xerox manages and streamlines day-to-day processes such as insurance claims, debit card swipes, benefits distribution and payroll. Managed Print Services and Centralized Print Services - Xerox reduces costs and optimize clients’ print and digital document infrastructure.


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