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Yazaki – Harnessing the Power of Engines

Yazaki is a Japanese based manufacturer that pioneered automotive engine wiring harnesses in 1929. Then in 1940 the company became incorporated and in 1966 Yazaki established their American pision in Chicago to serve the growing American automotive industry. The company has a history of innovation. Notably in 1974 Yazaki developed the world’s first solar-powered absorption cooling system.

In 2011 Yazaki North America expanded to serve North and Central America including Canada, Mexico, and Nicaragua. Despite being a Japanese based company nearly 90 percent of their 192,000 employees are located outside of Japan. As of 2009 the company’s total sales were $11 Billion. Besides wire harnesses Yazaki produces systems for power distribution and controls, connectors, driver information systems, Hybrid high-voltage products, and sensors. Every hybrid electric vehicle contains at least one of Yazaki’s high voltage products. Today’s vehicles have begun utilizing Solar-Powered Air-Conditioning systems. Yazaki’s ac series requires the lowest driving energy temperature of 70 degrees Celsius in absorption technology. Their system reduces electrical consumption and CO2 emissions. The system is designed to be updatable to meet new energy efficiency requirements resulting in lower costs to retrofit the system than tradition full-scale solar-cooling systems. According to the Japan Oil, Gas and Metals National Corporation utilizing current demand for copper the world supply of copper will be depleted in 40 years. In response to this startling fact Toyota has teamed with Yazaki to develop the world’s first vehicle wiring harness copper recycling system. It has been impossible to recycle engine harnesses for their copper contents but Toyota recently developed a revolutionary sorting method. The new method safeguards the metal from contamination during the dismantling process. After stringent quality checks the retrieved copper was successfully integrated into the vehicle production process. The recycled metal was tested at 99.96 percent purity. At least 1,000 tons of copper can be produced annually according to estimates from Toyota. As a leading wholesale distributor of electronic components, ASAP Semiconductor supplies a wide range of products ranging from integrated circuits and semiconductors to automatic test equipment. For inquiries regarding Yazaki products, please visit www.asapsemi.com or contact us at sales@asapsemi.com for more information or to submit a quote.


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