Fairview Microwave

Fairview Microwave,a leading provider of high-quality RF and microwave components including, adapters, connecters, attenuators, coaxial cables, and terminators, just announced the release of its not 16 voltage-controlled oscillator models. This model covers bands from 10 MHz to 4350 MHz. An oscillator which just generates voltages by nonmechanical means. The new model is unlike the old traditional one single fixed frequency microwave. The VCO’s allow the frequency of the output signal to vary significantly by adjusting amplitude of tuning voltage. These RF components are used in military electronics, meaning they are heavy duty, reliable and work fantastically. These RF components are also used in SATCOM test and measurement and wireless communications.

Applications for these components would include, function generators, receivers, electronic jamming equipment, phase locked loops, and local oscillators. Fairview’s new voltage controlled oscillators offer turning voltages that range from 0.5 volts to 20 volts. The controllers put out power from + 4dBm to + 12dBm and supply voltage of 5Vdc to 15 Vdc. These designs include 50 Ohm internal matching. This provides a simple merging onto the circuit board itself.

The oscillators come in a hermetically sealed surface mount package that is 0.5 inches. This package is meant to meet Mil-STD-202 and MIL-STD-883 standards. These standards are environmental test conditions that test for shock, temperature cycle and vibration. These oscillators can perform in any environment and under any demands that there is, due to their packaging. Oscillators are important in order for microwaves to run, they deliver electronic currents to make things run. These currents are measured in MegaHertZ which run on one million cycles per second. Fairview does all it can as a company to provide the best microwaves providing the best quality, and support.

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wet-mate connector

TE Connectivity, a leader in creating innovate ideas for some of the world’s largest challenges, recently announced its creation of a wet-mate connecter that is suitable for subsea control systems. This innovation is huge in the electronic parts world. A wet mate connecter is an electric component used in marine exploration, gas and oil industries, and renewable energy. These brand new HydraElectric wet-made connecters feature a modular construction that enables many different configurations. These configurations can be put together with a minimum number of components. This riveting design showcases industry standard panel, bulkhead and a stab plate interface. This design allows customers to upgrade, exchange or modify existing hardware with little effort. It also offers a corrosion resistance so that the part has a longer lifespan and has less issues for the customer, which makes it more cost effective.

This seacon wet-mate connecter has been designed, tested and developed to be fully qualified to be in line with the latest and greatest of industry standards for control power distributions. These standards include ISO 13628-6 and API 17F SEAFOM. This connector is available in remotely operated vehicle, stab plate and manual modes. The construction of this connecter has the option to come with four, seven, or twelve electrical unit. These options enable multiple configurations for use in signal, electrical, distribution networks. This seacon wet-mate connector greatly complements the entire rest of TE connectivity’s range of products for gas and oil market.

These marine systems require connecters that have high speed communication capabilities and with the ability to control a vast array of operating currents. This new connecter also supports copper-based fast-speed ethernet protocols. This connecter also includes oil-filled dual barriers that help to maintain pressure balance, and can be used at depths up to 4,00-m.

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polymer electrolytic capacitor

Kemet has discovered a way to be to increase the life of their electrolytic capacitors. Creating what is known to be the markets first COTs model polymer capacitor to withstand a rough environment such as weather and humidity. This newly improved component is said to have a maximum life of 1000- hour life test option.

Other tests have been running to be able to show the amount of humidity the component can withstand. As results of the practiced test KEMET professionals were able to determine that the capacitor may go up to 85C and intake about the same 85% humidity while still living its entire 1000 hr life span.

The capacitors are qualified under the MIL-STD-202 Method 103 standard which places these parts under rigorous testing.

One of the primary uses for these newly improved capacitors is typically for separation of circuit, dividing them into two DC/DC converters.

Along the new benefits, the capacitor has been equipped with a configuration of withholding 680 microfarads.
"Voltage ratings spam 2.5-63VDC and ESR specifications as low as 25m Ω are available."

One of the primary adjustments that were made while making this device was reducing the size for it to be more user friendly and reduce it’s the size that it would take up on application.

The KEMET corporation and its Senior Vice president and Chief Technology Officer, Dr. Phillip Lessner is proud to be able to bring a new type of component that is able to withstand harsher conditions for a better overall performance against other competing companies. " Exposing polymer electrolytic capacitors to humidity had been a challenge. We first introduced the T598 automotive grade KO-CAP in 2015; now we are excited to offer a COTS grade KO-CAP that passes the same extended life test."

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USB drives

A nonprofit organization by the name of Vitamin Angels out of Los Angeles, CA is on rise to expand the knowledge of health to third world countries. The Angels are an organization that helps provide essential vitamins to malnutrition parts of the world. Currently have helped over 52 million women and children in approximate 66 countries worldwide. Their current goal has been to expand the knowledge of basic health principles helping train local health workers of those regions. In doing so the Angels have collaborated with modern training company Torrence Learning to help with the wide spread of knowledge. The standard USB drives have been estimated to cost the company around 2 to 4 US dollars in price, averaging a total of 92,000$ US dollars for the project to date.

In this USB, it will be providing a program that can be used to teach primary care solution. How to provide the proper nutrients to the locals while taking notice of the most susceptible people for future project and studies. Being able to Distribute the proper nutrients, the course will also provide the dangers of vitamin deficiencies and its repercussions. How to safety dispense Vitamin-A capsules to those in need. Their plan is to be able to provide basic USB drives with a chromium web browser and server compatible to any computer.

They are currently undergoing with the beginning of the project in countries like Indiana, Indonesia, and Nigeria. With the beginning countries of the project The Vitamin Angels will use these as a starting point to hopefully expand to further countries by the year 2018.

The founder and President of the Vitamin Angels, Howard Schiffer has enormous aspirations for his company and states,” The goal is to go from training 1,000 field health workers every year to 6,000 or more.”

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electronic devices

Electronics banned from cabins on some Middle Eastern and African flights to U.S.

Airlines that fly from evident countries in the Middle East and Africa to the United States will soon demand passengers to check in all if not some of their electronic devices than to carry them into the cabin said a U.S. official. Also stating that this will affect some airlines flying into the U.S. There is a safety concern regarding passengers boarding nonstop flights to the U.S. from particular countries, which is a factor to checking in their electronic devices when boarding. The ban on certain electronics alleged to be related to Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula or AQAP. AQAP has been enthusiastically trying to build bombs that contain little or no metal content to target commercial aircraft. To date, they are the only terror organization that has shown a marked effort to try to attack airlines, the officials said.

The U.S. Transportation Security Administration includes a ban on laptops and tablets in carry-on luggage on flights to the U.S, which will take effect Wednesdays according to officials.

The US Has Banned Laptops and Tablets on Flights from Major Middle Eastern Airports

The US is banning passengers from bringing laptops, tablet computers, and other electronic devices as carry-on items on uninterrupted flights from 10 airports in the Middle East and North Africa, all countries being U.S. allies:

  • Hamad International Airport, Doha, Qatar

  • Dubai International Airport, UAE

  • Abu Dhabi International Airport, UAE

  • Ataturk International Airport, Istanbul, Turkey

  • Queen Alia International Airport, Amman, Jordan

  • Cairo International Airport, Egypt

  • King Abdul Aziz International Airport, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

  • King Khalid International Airport, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

  • Mohammed V Airport, Casablanca, Morocco

  • Kuwait International Airport, Kuwait

The ban was publicized Monday after two Middle Eastern airlines began telling passengers about the new constraints. A representative of Saudi Arabian Airlines told BuzzFeed News that the ban begins immediately applied to all flights headed to the US, and covers all electronic devices, excluding cell phones. The U.S. Transportation Security Administration said airlines would have 96 hours to obey with the new rules and the ban would remain in place until "the threat changes."

US Bans Personal Electronic Devices on Non-Stop Flights to US from Mideast and Africa

The US government has commanded to nine foreign airlines in the Middle East and Africa that electronic devices larger than cellphones, will be banned from entering the passenger cabinets and will have to be packed in their checked baggage to their final destination. Donald Trump government officials said that starting Tuesday morning, airlines flying non-stop to the United States from Amman (Jordan), Cairo (Egypt), Istanbul (Turkey), Kuwait City (Kuwait), Jeddah and Riyadh (Saudi Arabia), Casablanca (Morocco), Doha (Qatar), Dubai and Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates) will have to implement this additional security measure in the coming 96 hours.

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Apple goes on a Hiring Spree for New London-Based GPU Development Team
Apple is in the mean of a hiring frenzy for engineers specializing in graphics technologies for a new “graphics team” to be based in London. The Californian tech giant is currently advertising at least 11 hardware engineering roles at its new UK Design Centre, based in London. They are designed to work on the development of GPUs in what the job ads describe as a “newly formed graphics team”.

The job ads on Apple’s corporate careers website have been posted on multiple times between December 2016 up to just last week. Apple has informed Imagination Technologies that it plans to stop using Imaginations GPU technologies.

In favor of its own technology and developed in-house, they plan to release within the next two years. Here is the list of jobs advertised on Apple’s website that refer to working on graphics technologies and GPU development include: Design Verification Engineer, Design Verification Lead, Engineering Program Manager, Graphics Content Engineer, Graphics hardware Performance Engineer, Graphics Micro Architect, Graphics RTL Design Engineer, Graphics Senior RTL Design Engineer, Hardware Modeling Engineer, RTL Design Engineer, RTL Power Optimization Engineer.

All of the job ads promote the roles as “a career defining prospect to get in at the ground floor as we build our UK Design Centre”. The ad for the Engineering Program Manager states the business is looking for a “resourceful, energetic Engineering Program Manager to join a newly-formed graphics design team and aid in program co-ordination locally, and with teams globally”.

Apple already has a graphic team and according to reports has hired as many as 25 former Imagination staff recently. Building a new graphics team based in London would allow it to speed up its GPU expansion plans as it gets ready to introduce its own chips into its products.

ASAP Semiconductor is the leading distributor for all electronic parts, helping with projects like Apples to become possible. They deliver all over the globe making it easy to get the latest and greatest computer developments become a reality.

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Material Creates Electricity Through Heat Difference

Engineers from the University of Utah created a revelation of a new material that could one day facilitate jewelry and body heat to generate enough electricity to power a body sensor, or enable a cooking pan to charge a cell phone. The team found that a combination of the chemical elements calcium, cobalt and terbium can create a powerful, inexpensive and bio-friendly material that can generate electricity through a thermoelectric process involving heat and cold air. The material is said to need less than a one-degree difference in temperature to produce a noticeable voltage.

For years’ researchers have been observing for the correct kind of material that makes the procedure more competent and produces more electricity, but other cadmium-, telluride- or mercury-based materials are toxic to humans. Professor Ashutosh Tiwari assured in his statement, “There are no toxic chemicals involved. It's very efficient and can be used for a lot of day-to-day applications."

According to the professor, the applications for this new material are endless. For example, it could be built into jewelry that uses body heat to power implantable medical devices such as blood-glucose monitors or heart monitors.

Airplanes could produce extra power by using heat from within the cabin versus the cold air outside. It could be used to charge mobile devices through cooking pans, or in cars where it draws from the heat of the engine. Power plants also could use the material to produce more electricity from the escaped heat the plant generates.

Projects like this are made possible by companies like ASAP Semiconductor. ASAP Semiconductor delivers all electronic components all around the world. ASAP Semiconductor is the premier supplier for all electronic components to help engineers build new revolutionary materials such as this to help us in multiple ways.

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Socionext 4th Gen Graphics Display Controller Sampled

Researchers have recently developed a low-voltage comparator circuit at the University of Bristol that could not only reduce stand by power, but eliminate it. The new low-threshold voltage analog comparator will only require picowatts to activate the circuitry. One of the lead researchers are the University of Bristol stated the circuit, which is still under patent approval, uses many thresholds and devices and allows high vin maximum of 20V and voltage thresholds for detection down even below 0.5V. They’ve also developed state of the art power saving strategies that will almost eliminate static current through the device. Below 100 picoamps is the off-state leakage.

"The voltage detector chip uses over a thousand times less energy than existing detectors to create a turn-on signal, merely five picojoules of energy and only around half a volt. Many sensors can provide this without requiring a power supply, therefore making listening effectively free," the University of Bristol said in a recent statement.

With an only a few picowatts required to activate the voltage detector. For example the initial signal coming from the primary sensor could power the voltage detector. You would be able to activate the voltage detector with only a few picowatts. In certain instances in order to increase battery life device you should eliminate listening power. This will also make the system less environmentally wasteful. Researchers have claimed that is battery life is extended, in some cases by years by continuously staying in listening mode and waiting on an event with zero power consumption. A switch can be activated by a voltage detector that is then able to trigger an open drain out output, generated by a small voltage of 500mV or 650V.

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Socionext 4th Gen Graphics Display Controller Sampled

Socionext has announced in April they will be sampling a 4th generation version of their SC1810 Series graphics display controllers. The Fujitsu-Panasonic SoC jv will be incorporating the first hardware accelerator that is compatible and conforms with the KhronosTM Group’s computer vision API OpenVXTM. Low power, high performance has always been Socionext’s aim for image recognitiionsolutions for embedded home, industrial and automotive systems.

The proprietary SC1810 is well equipped with 6 channels Full HD video inputs, 3 channels of Full HD display outputs, Vision Processor (VPU), and Integrated HMI (Human Machine Interface) system in order to manage all the information, control multiple displays and provide higher definition and image quality inside and outside the car. Developed by Khronos Group, the SC1810’s VPU comes with the world’s first OpenVX compliant hardware accelerator and programmable data parallel accelerator.

SC1810’s VPU also comes with the ability to expand the image recognition all the while improving conventional display controller functionalities. Also standard with SC1810 is the OMNIVIEW which features a 360 degree wrap-around viewing system which allows it to generate a 3D view around the vehicle from any perspective and analyzes images alerting driver of objects in the proximity such as bicycles and pedestrian. Here at ASAP Semiconductor, we have a dedicated and expansive array of IT Hardware and Board level components products. We are your one-stop shop and go destination for a simplified sourcing solution.

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microsemi FPGA
There was an article posted on New Electronics on February 14, 2017 that talks about FPGA having a high data rate and low power capability. The FPGA from Microsemi has their Polarfire which has the ability to boast 12.7 gbit/s with its transceiver while also consuming less power which is less than 90 mW at 10Gbit/s speeds.
Here is what Bruce Meyer, the vice president and business unit manager at Microsemi, has to say about the FPGA. “For the first time, we can offer a non-volatile FPGA that features 10Gbit/s transceivers and which provides tangible power and cost benefits over SRAM FPGAs.”
Microsemi is an American manufacturer that was founded on February 1959 in Culver City, CA by Arthur Feldon and Steve Manning. Currently, the headquarters of Microsemi is located in Aliso Viejo, CA. There are roughly around 4,400 employees that help the company reach its global market. Their products consist of FPGAs, storage, Ethernet and network processors, optical products, power over Ethernet, audio and voice, timing and synchronization, power management, power discrete and modules, RF transceivers, WLAN RF front end, RF microwave discrete, and circuit protection.
Here at ASAP Semiconductor, an ASAP Semiconductor owned company, we have the resources to supply a vast array of Microsemi products. We provide our customers with a simplified and speedy procurement process. We ensure that our customers production lines and prototype builds are always up and running effectively. We offer cost-effective aerospace and electronic component solutions by improving our customers’ negotiation power. If you are interested in getting a quote, please feel free to contact our friendly sales staff at sales@asapsemi.com or call us at toll free at 1-714-418-5034. We are your source to all your hard to find parts. We have sold over 100 parts and guarantee a quote back within 15 minutes.

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