Microchip 32-bit PIC for automotive

As technology advances the quality of our lives advances, what we have today in terms of technology and science is considerably amazing compared to what we had a hundred years ago. Not even that long ago, if we look back around two decades and we look at how the automotive industry alone advanced is mind blowing. Twenty years ago we would have never imagined that the technological advances that we have today is even possible. Automotive industry would have not been able to do it alone obviously, technology is advancing from all angles around the globe and it all contributes to one another. Microchips wasn’t even there twenty years ago, now a day’s electronic parts suppliers and microcontroller distributor are all over the place. All over the place is just one aspect as well because even the price of technology has decreased tremendously.

Some scientist predicted that technology is going to advance exponentially, not even linearly but exponentially. This prediction was made around thirty years ago and they were right. Having said that, just a few years ago having smart computers in automotive would have been a little difficult and not even cost effective. This is a perfect time for the automotive industry to start adding more creativity and connectivity in their cars because we have reached a time where the internet is spreading everywhere. The new Microchip’s 32-bit PIC is a step towards that goal and it’s a highly integrated, cost effective processing system that allows data transfer, storage and even internet access with a lot more apps that can support automotive and industrial control applications. This is great because it even provides the operator of the vehicle with a number of solutions before even realizing there is a problem.

At ASAP Semiconductor we deal with electronic components and we are a global supplier and distributor with competitive pricing and the ability to find parts that are hard to find in the market. If you are looking for a part then submit a request online at asapsemi.com with the part number that you are looking for or with the NSN and you will receive a quote shortly. You can also submit a request via email at sales@asapsemi.com or call us at +1-714-705-4780.

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Adafruit is a privately-owned company that is based in the US. Their focus is on designing and manufacturing open source electronic hardware. They are always up to date and are always trying to come with different ways to design their products. It is a competitive field, therefor they always try to design products that are unique and reliable. Because if their competitive products and great service RS has signed a distribution agreement, where Adafruit is supplying hardware, tools, equipment and electronics to makers and hobbyists.

They are planning to get products, a whole line for them products such as boards and accessories for the Raspberry Pi and Arduino. The plan for these products is to be available to RS customers anywhere in the world. Which is cool, it is going to be available worldwide which is helpful. RS product manager Rob Maycroft said

“Adafruit is a well-respected provider of maker and hobbyist products aimed at a highly diverse range of ages and skills. This is important to our growing user base of students and innovators”

and the founder of Adafruit mentioned

“This global agreement with RS will help us extend our reach to ensure that engineers, developers and makers across the world have fast and easy access to our electronics and more.”

This agreement if going to benefit both sides and will even benefit consumers. Getting reliable products is something everyone aspires and every person is looking for it. Adafruit products are unique

“They feature unique and fun DIY electronic components and kits that turn everyday objects into high tech prototypes suitable for education and advanced production concepts”

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Microchip Technology Inc

Microchip Technology Inc. provides microcontrollers and analog semiconductors for different applications worldwide. It became a leading service provider by catering to the needs of a wide variety of consumers. To increase its market even further, Microchip has begun selling an RF transceiver which supports the Sigfox wide area for Internet of Things networks. The stand-alone ATA8520E transceiver is FCC-certified and comes with an AVR micro controller. It also comes with the option of an Xplained PRO development board that is also FCC-certified. What brings users to Sigfox is the lower node power connections that are not available with Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. As of today, there are more than 8 million devices already part of the ISM unlicensed network which operates in 24 countries.

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800V CoolMOS MosFETs Superjection Technology

Based on the Superjunction technology, Infineon welcomes the latest addition to its family the 800V CoolMOS P7 series of 800V MosFETs. This will be available in twelve R DS(on) classes with six packages to fully address the target application of needs. While Infineon has been focusing on flyback topologies as of late which are found in standard applications like LED lighting, industrial/auxiliary power, audio and adapter, the latest introduction is for low power SMPS applications with products like R DS(on) of 280 mO, 450 mO, 1400 mO and 4500 mO now available for order.

The 800 V CoolMOS P7 series offers a combination of optimized device parameters that will offer up to 0.6% efficiency gain translating into 2 to 8 °C lower MOSFET temperature found in the CoolMOS C3. There is also a 50% in E oss and Q g, as well as a reduced C iss and C oss allowing for higher power density designs, lower switching losses and better DPAK R DS(on) products which will allow customers to reduce BOM costs and provide minimal assembly. An integrated Zener Diode will significantly improve ESD ruggedness but dramatically reduces eSD related production yield loss. Easy to drive and easier to design due to the V (GS)th of 3 V and the smallest V GS(th) variation of only ±0.5 V which will allow for lower driving voltage/ switching losses.

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USB C-Type Drivers

American Technology Company, Texas Instruments has introduced a new protocol-agnostic linear re-driver. A previous model, the SuperSpeed USB supports up to 5Gbit/s video. Compared to that model, this new SuperSpeedPlus has faster capabilities, reaching up to 3.1 data rates that support 10Gbit/s as well as DisplayPort 1.4 up to 8.1Gbit/s intended for downstream.

Texas Instruments has released a few re-drivers which include the TUSB1046-DCI, TUSB1002, and the TPD8S300. Their TUSB1046-DCI will support several other USB Type-C Alt Mode interfaces which will make up for any loss of cable and board trace. The new TUSB1002 will work as a simpler dual channel 10GHz linear re-driver. Lastly, the TPD8S300 is an eight-channel USB intended for voltage protection.

TI is concerned over the release of products and accessories that support their USB Type-C connectors as many do not meet the conditions set for Type-C devices. For example, there are Power Delivery adaptors that do not place at their expected capability on the Vbus line which yields a shortened transmission path of 20V. The connector shorting pins that are in USB Type-C drivers can also move around and slide, which concerns TI as the already short 20V Vbus can be even shortened to CC and SBU pins, especially if any moisture reaches into the device.

Improvements are clearly needed and Texas Instruments is continuing to work on more evaluations of the three chips currently in production and 2 more, the TPD8S300 and TPD6S300, which are still in the design stage.

ASAP Semiconductor distributes electronic components that include USB-Type C drivers by Texas Instruments. Before any part is sold and delivered, it is inspected to ensure part are in serviceable condition. Whether that part is for aviation or other commercial platform, ASAP Semiconductor will try to find exactly what customers require at a price that is affordable. The purchasing cycle begins with contacting one of our representatives at sales@asapsemi.com.

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There are two types of currents, direct current and alternating currents. Any piece of equipment that utilizes an electric current in order to function eventually has to have direct current passing through it. The current we receive from the electric company and passes through the wires throughout the city and into our homes is an Alternating current. So what the technology industries do, basically any device that uses an electric current and receives a power input from the electric company has an electric circuit that converts alternating current into a direct current and then the current can pass through and power on which ever device you are working with. Linear technology has been able to come up with an RMS power detector which uses a root-mean-square function to measure an accurate estimate of the RF signal. The Direct Current output will give an accurate estimate of an RF Signal that is accurate to the tenth of dB.

This RMS detector is nothing short of a clever design because it gives possibilities to a circuit designer to measure accurate RF signals and therefor giving the possibility of a more effective design and improved system performance. Traditionally such equipment was used to measure frequencies above 10GHz, at 10 GHz the quarter of a wavelength is measured at 7.5 mm. Such diodes is useful for measuring high signals, which means that they will be less accurate when measuring low signals.

We deal with Electronic components at Asap Semiconductor and as a global distributor and competitor; we supply all kind of parts from Linear, RMS power detector, RMs detector and a whole other array of parts. ASAP Semiconductor offers a complete and comprehensive procurement services. If you are in need of a part and don’t have the sources or maybe you are looking to find more competitive prices then send us a request on our website asapsemi.com with the information about the part you are looking for, such as part #, NSN, Description, Manufacturer, Quantity, and we will be happy to help you. You can also send your request by email at sales@asapsemi.com or call us at +1-714-705-4780.

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TDK-QM Series AC-DC power Supply

A new QM series of an AC DC power supplies have been introduced by TDK.  TDK Corporation has created the first 1200 W to 1500W rated modular series to have MoPPs isolated allows for it to have the lowest “acoustic noise “that is offered at that power level in the market. The latest series is certified by both the medical and industrial industries to allow for it to be used and placed in many applications. Many popular applications that the QM series can be embedded in are

“including BF rated medical equipment, test and measurement, broadcast, communications and renewable energy applications.”

The product is equipped with an online configurator for easy product definition showing a great selection with a choice of signals, leakage current and standby voltages. The configurator accepts for currents to be entered and in result will instantly produce an 8 digit code which creates and easier process for order placement.

The configurator can create up to 16 outputs at a time when currents have been inputted ranging from a 2.8V to a 52.8V voltage. The configurator can produce many types of voltages such as voltages,

“With a 90-264Vac, 47-440Hz input the QM can deliver 1200W, and 1500W with a 150-264Vac input.”
The module can produce a wide range of powers beginning with a 35W being equipped with a single or dual output, rising to its highest at a 1200W with a single output. The module allows for an additional option to be offered with one or two standby voltages “(5V and 12V at up to 2A).”  Accompanied by a unit inhibit, enable option and a powerful AC good signal.

Some of the major perks that QM offers beside its 91% operating efficiency is reducing internal heat loss which activates the use of the low speed cooling fans.  When the cooling process takes place, it is intended for noise to be a reduced

“audible noise for an enhanced patient/user experience to just 44.3 dBA at room temperature and 45.3 dBA at 50°C – measured in accordance with BS EN ISO 3744:2010.”

ASAP Semiconductor is a leading distributor of board level electronic components.  Having a wide range of components facilitates your search of that are ether hard to find or obsolete. Working with leading manufactures in the industry to provide up to par and traceable components for your availability. Our goal is to ease your logistics to have you equipped and installed as soon as possible.  For a better look at what we can provide visit our website at www. Asapsemi.com. For instant RFQs within 15 minutes’ email us at sales@asapsemi.com / purchasing@asapsemi.com.

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Oscilloscope 10bit HDO9000 series

Teledyne LeCroy has introduced a HDO9000 range of oscilloscopes to the industry that is equipped with HD1024 technology features. Designed and manufactured to,

 “automatically determine the best A/D converter configuration under each measurement condition to optimize vertical resolution, extending up to 13.8bits.”
The HDO9000 offers additional software packages to equip the HDO9000 that will be compatible with all,
“validation and debug requirements ranging from automated standards compliance packages to flexible debugging toolkits.”
Accompanied with a band of specific measurements and or eye diagram packages that go hand in hand with the trigger and decode software package. The options that the HDO9000 range does provide,
“include digital filtering, spectrum analysis, device and switching power supply analysis, and more.”
The luxury of the HDO9000 range allows the customization of specific parameters and math functions to insert by owner.

Some of the latest features that the HDO9000 offers is a single touch screen that measures at 15.4in that allows the device to be managed from solely one screen. The main purpose for the single touch screen on the oscilloscope is to be able to direct and manage the electrical signal and voltage to many different devices or disperse them for different functions all in the same time. Many of the features have been inputted to enhance the processing and can store a lot more data and information that is inputted. Equipped with a,

“10bit resolution, bandwidths of 1 to 4GHz and sample rates of 40Gsample/s, enabling efficient and accurate debug. Two units can be synchronized to operate as an eight-channel oscilloscope without limitations.”

The HDO90000 mixed signal (-MS) model displays 16 digital lines which properly trigger, decode, and provide measurements for time analysis discrepancies or debugging of digital designs.

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IMEC an international research institute decides to make its way to Florida in the US. Having its headquarters stationed in Leuven, Belgium, IMEC also has many locations all over the world such as Netherlands, Taiwan, China, India, Nepal and Japan. Per the Orlando Sentinel a primary newspaper that covers the vast Florida and Central Florida area has released that the IMEC institute has planned to open a research center in Florida’s Osceola County.

The opening of the Institute would create over hundreds of jobs in the area within a time span of 5 years. Partnering up with Florida’s Advanced Manufacturing Research Center to birth the sensor and nanotechnology research and design in the Center.

After long consideration of the IMEC administration, Bert Gyselinckx the standing Vice president and General Manager of the Imec site in Eindhoven, Netherlands had the final say on the end location of the Institute. Many customers and followers insisted on closer locations which makes Gyselinckx add, “We kept getting requests from American companies to become more locally active and do R&D work here” and insists the company,” had been looking at that for a number of years.”

Bert Gyselinckx is an essential attribute to the IMEC Company. Gyselinckx and his team have managed to develop various innovations such as brain monitors of diverse ingenuity, smart watches, health patches and Wi-Fi systems.  As well as being a great entrepreneur having helped many startups such as,” Life sense (Incontinence management), Bloom Technologies (pregnancy monitoring), Septentrio (satellite navigation). “Co inventing both consumer electronics and semiconductor companies to be some of his many accomplishments.


ASAP Semiconductor is a leading provider of consumer electronics and semiconductors many being of the IMEC brand. Specializing in finding obsolete and hard to find parts. ASAP facilitates your logistics to get the job done. For a better look at our inventory online check us out at www.asapsemi.com. For instant RFQs within 15 minutes give us a call at 714 705 4780 or email us at sales@asapesemi.com. Looking to enhance your work or project ASAP!

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Infineon Technologies are bringing new hall sensors that are much smaller in size and they are more cost effective. This is good for the environment as well as for the consumer. The new hall sensors not only preserve the material by reducing the size of the sensor but they also reduce the size of the circuit boards they used in, this makes technology as usual advance in the right direction in making technology much smaller and more efficient. Power consumption is even reduced by almost 50% compared to the older version of the hall sensor. This is very useful for the energy efficient systems that are looking for stable magnetic switching points, robustness and precision.

Switches and latches have an integrated Hall element, a voltage regulator, choppers, an oscillator and an output driver. The voltage regulator gives power to the entire circuit as well as the Hall element. The choppers in the circuit ensure that the temperature does not rise beyond a certain point to prevent heating and they also control process fluctuation to keep it at minimum. Those fluctuations happen for three different reasons, the first reason is that the Hall sensors have different magnetic switch points and this can cause a little bit of fluctuation. The second reason is that temperature rising in the circuit board can affect the strength of the magnetic field and therefore effect the power of the circuit which then leads to the third reason which leads to the Hall element output voltage that also gets affected by temperature.

As an electronic parts supplier ASAP Semiconductor is a leader in this industry and has a created a platform that makes it easy to request a quote for prices, availability and lead time on any part. For more information visit www.asapsemi.com and submit an RFQ for a quick response on a quote or feel free to call 1-714-705-4780 to speak with a sales rep or send us an email us at sales@asapsemi.com and we can get back to you immediately for the parts you are looking for.

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